Anon # 1: SOME of us are disappointed. We expected real BOOMS. Earth shattering booms… Kinda feel ripped off.

Anon # 2: Once again:

Consider: BO probably put many pardons into place days before Trump took office for crimes committed under his reign.

Meaning, these cucks can’t be arrested for those crimes.

New crimes had to be committed by the cabal to allow for the good guys to be able to arrest them. Takes time. Others had to roll over on them.

Every single domino has to be in place for the house of dominoes to fall perfectly. Takes time.

Incredibly important, judges and justices needed to be in place before court cases are heard. And military legal system ready for cases (manual rewritten).

In their time, not ours. Patience is key for us.

And then, The Sheeple needed to be shown how corrupt their leaders are.

And now, I believe, once the re-election is final, the hammer will fall on oh so many.