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I think Dubya summed it up nicely here: “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

While I realize many people have heard the controversy around Obama’s birth certificate. We have not only seen this one from Hawaii; but several renditions of it as well as ones that have popped up from Kenya. What’s real, what isn’t… THAT is what we will dive into here.

For this particular document, I must question how this was publicly available during Hussein’s first term without coming up prior to the second term on conservative outlets like Fox News simply amazes me. Although, pushing this out during that time would probably have had someone 187’d like Seth Rich, it is certainly very compelling evidence that someone is NOT who they say they are from a US Citizen standpoint.

There is a certain beauty about the software tools we have at our disposal today. Take the Adobe Creative Suite for example, between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and the Adobe editor software, there really isn’t much you can’t do with respect to creating high-end content. However, I you are a novice at it or limited by the lack of software in say a SCIF (classified vault) – creating a document can be quite the challenge to an untrained professional. While most interns certainly have a grip on technology, I have found in my experience working with them within DoD platforms, many do not know the in’s and out’s of the Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office products. Yes, they can work an iPhone and tablet like nobodies business; but actual software used in the real world office environment – not so much.

Intro the Obama Birth Certificate, one of the sloppiest hack-jobs I have seen in quite some time.

This is NO JOKE – you can go and look at it for yourself right here at the Obama White House government archives. I actually downloaded the “official” document itself, not from a third party site; but from the government archives that were uploaded during his Administration on April 27, 2011. The document image is below for your viewing pleasure.


Before we dive into this, let’s look at the set-up document in which Obama’s Legal Team from Perkins Cole sent to Hawaii’s State Officials. It is an official request letter asking for a copy of the birth certificate in question. This document was also pulled from the same White House archive site as the above. They always say, if you wanna pull off a lie, add more detail to it – this was sent out just 5 days before the beauty above would be made official and posted to the White House gov webpage. It looks like Judith Corely got a free trip to Hawaii out of the deal as well on the taxpayers dime. My guess is she was also circling the wagons with the crew that would eliminate the people (e.g Fuddy) who had inside knowledge of this fake document.


Okay – now you have seen the official birth certificate of record as well as the request to obtain it from the Obama Legal Team.

To the untrained eye it looks pretty legit as it appears to be a scanned in document saved into an Abobe PDF file format. This is a pretty normal thing to do to a scanned document before saving it, uploading it and/or sending it out. Note: as a scanned document, it “should” have one layer – and if it is a pasted image it may have one or two layers grouped with it. For the most part, it is a flat image that cannot be manipulated – just like a photo that has not been edited. I have taken the one of Trump’s birth Certificate that was posted as a PDF via FoxNews to show you as a comparison. Note two primary layers on Trump’s document – this is because it is two documents pieced together – a top half and bottom half.

However, when you open the Obama birth certificate document in Adobe Illustrator – what you will find is that is has multiple layers – 12 primary and 30 sub-layers to be exact. This means that the document was built up (in layers) like a sandwich. To the layman, when you are creating a document, every time you cut and paste something or add a box into your document, it creates a layer. In the Abobe Illustrator software, just like Photoshop and InDesign, you have the ability to select and deselect layers so that you can edit your content without disturbing the other layers. In the picture below you can actually see the steps in which they added each item. Where they went horribly wrong, is that they exported their final document into a PDF instead of printing, scanning, and then saving it into a PDF. Rookie mistake.

30 layer cake.png

As if the 30 layers weren’t enough of a smoking gun, when you open the PDF in Adobe editor and export into Word, you can actually see all of the different font types. I also validated the different fonts in the adobe editor itself with the same results; but for the purposes of this blog, I will just show the Word results.

Now, this is likely a pre-printed form – which could indeed have a different font types as they probably ordered thousands of these slips from a print company and in 1961, would have used a typewriter to populate the document. So let’s take a closer look at the typewriters of that time. The IBM electric “Prestige Elite 72” was one that was commonly used during that time. One should note the font types available in 1961 – the Times New Roman font was actually created in 1832 so it was certainly available and the Courier style font was available in 1955 – so they are safe from a font perspective – so far.


As we look closer within the Word document, we find there are multiple fonts used. 3 to be exact. Arial, Times New Roman (circa 1832), and Courier New (circa 1955). However, Arial wasn’t introduced until 1982. Oops.


Let us take a closer look at the Arial – which as stated above was designed and released in 1982. Remember, this document was supposedly produced when he was born in 1961 – 19 years before the Arial font was even available.

It was used in several places as shown; but also note that it isn’t even the same font for his mothers name, Stanley Ann is arial font; while Dunham is times new roman font – ON THE SAME LINE! This is shown closer in the pictures below. For those of us who remember the typewriter, you know that you would type across the same line in the same font. The same thing occurs on the Honolulu and Oahu line. This leads me to believe the one creating this document was a younger generation type post circa 1982 as they were not thinking about font types.


Now let us go back into the Adobe Illustrator software and look a little closer. As I mentioned before, you can lock and unlock layers so I have the ability to hide and move things around within the software.. and because they have SO MANY LAYERS, I REALLY have the ability to move things around!

In the case below, I have hidden the green background and moved the primary content off of the white background. You will notice there are some white flaky speckles in little boxes at the top and bottom of the document. These were in all likelihood raised seals which, like a watermark, will appear when a document is scanned. I appears they attempted to hide it under the final green background (last layer) rather than just delete or cut it out. Which means they took part of an original document to create their content.


Down the rabbit hole a little further we go….

The more I dissected, the wilder the findings became. Let’s take a closer look – at first I was puzzled because I tried to match the speckles up with the State Seal of Hawaii thinking it was probably a scanned baseline document they used for content from someone actually born in Hawaii. However, that proved to not be the case as the State Seal as of 1959 (below) was clearly not a match.


Then I noticed when I stepped back a little bit it looks a lot like a rooster… so I started googling State Seals with roosters in 1961. After about 30 minutes of searching I came to the realization there was not anything withing the United States that had a prominent rooster in its State Seal. There was a pelican in Louisiana; but like Hawaii, it wasn’t a match either.

That led me to start looking at different Countries – and three came up: Belgium, France… and you guessed it – KENYA. I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found that one. Could it be possible they actually tried to blend part of an original document with several modern ones to forge a birth certificate? Pardon my French but vous plaisantez j’espère??!?!

What is that..PNG

One might ask why would anyone even do that as it makes zero sense. Unless of course, part of his original documents still had his original birth seal and they tried to just manipulate it to blend with one from Hawaii… as crazy as that theory may sound, it could be why we have such a horrible forgery.

Take a look at the Kenyan Coat of Arms before it actually became “Kenya”. One thing that remained through the transition in 1963 was that stinking rooster. The area was controlled by the British up until the early 1960’s when the Mau Mau Uprising came through and pushed them out. Pre-1960 the rooster was right facing (bottom), in 1961 it was left facing, and in 1963 it took on two lions. So, in 1961 when Obama was supposedly born, this raised seal might have been on the birth document containing the 1961 left facing rooster. I might also add as a side note that Kenya is in the Northern Horn of Africa area which is primarily a Muslim population.

What are the odds that someone we suspect is really from Kenya, clearly having a fake US Birth Certificate, would have an image hidden within the document resembling that darn Kenyan Rooster?

The Object.png

Alright – We have completed a pretty thorough forensic analysis so far on this document; but I would like to take it one step further and look at the metadata as it too holds some interesting information. Going left to right, they did a pretty good job wiping the names, etc. My guess is that it was handed off for the final touch for someone to bless it before hitting export; but we can see the time stamp 7:09:24 am on 4/27/2011 (I bet they pulled an all-nighter trying to finish this up).

Remember I mentioned SCIF work, well the likelihood of this document being created in an open cube or office environment is very unlikely as I would imagine its work was classified. Being one that has spent a LOT of time in SCIFs, this was likely burned onto a disc in pieces and then taken into a SCIF and developed on a standalone workstation (not networked) with limited software such as the Microsoft Office (NT version) as the DoD is woefully behind in SCIF available software. You should also note that Mac products are not used inside of the SCIF as everything is Windows based. I point that out because most people don’t realize how limited you are on software when working in that environment.

Lastly we see they did the final export on a Mac OS X 10.6.7 converting the document into a PDF version 1.3 so someone brought it out of the SCIF and handed it over to someone with a Mac who blessed it and exported it… the last piece reveals an interesting link –

creation date.png
mac os.png
w3 link.png

Who is as it appears they were either the ones that worked the document, or they were heavily involved. My guess is it was a low-level intern from MIT, probably born in the mid 1990 to 2000 time-frame who was pulled into it via the CEO of the now W3C via a White House internship as a “great opportunity”.

It looks like was an “internet relay chat room” originally created by one of the labs at MIT; but then spun off into a bunch of political areas as well as the establishment of web standards. They were a heavy supporter of Obama and if they were involved in the birth certificate creation, I can see why they had such a tight relationship with the administration and its campaign.

W3 Org.PNG
W3 involvement.png

A few more feet into the rabbit hole…

W3C, (formerly W3) was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science (MIT/LCS) with support from the European Commission, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which had pioneered the ARPANET, one of the predecessors to the Internet. Yes, the same DARPA that created LifeLog (you know it as FaceBook), Twitter, Google, Instagram, 23 & Me,… now things are starting to look a little deep-state’ish.

So who is the head of W3C? Well, that would be Dr. Jaffe CEO of W3C, MIT graduate and head of their Artificial Intelligence labs (think the brain initiative). W3C was actually founded by Tim Berners-Lee when he formed the company after he left the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in October, 1994.

jaffe 2.PNG


We will climb out of the this rabbit hole as it is starting to take use into a completely different direction; but as you can see, it turned dark rather quickly when we pulled just one thread. The bottom line is that we clearly have a forged document. Will anything ever be done about it – not likely as these people appear to be made of teflon. Chalk this up as one more data-point in what seems to be a sea of corruption.

Monkey out.