My message to a friend (and all of you too):

One more thing…

Trump didn’t give up his lifestyle to “be president.” He gave it up (temporarily) to clean out the foulest corruption in DC and by extension, the rest of the world. To put them on notice that we aren’t kow-towing to anyone anymore. And especially NOT to China.

Do you actually think Trump gives a shit what the enemy thinks of him? Or what the naive who walk among us think of him?

Military generals who are white hat patriots war-gamed this entire scenario (past 4 years to the present) to get it done NOW. This has been the plan since Clinton was in the Oval. But time has run out. We are at the precipice and these patriots couldn’t do it while Obama was in office because it would have caused a civil war and we’d have killed each other over that Kenyan n-gger (sorry.) Bloodshed everywhere. But with Trump, all the pieces are in place.

You need to take a 40,000 foot view of this, Bud. We are watching a movie play out in front of our eyes. Trump and the patriots know they couldn’t TELL us who the criminals are and what they were doing. The media wouldn’t have let that fly.

SO… Trump and the patriots are SHOWING America and the world who the evil ones are in Congress, in the State governments, in finance, EVERYWHERE. This part/phase of the war-game is “The Great Awakening.” The next phase (and it’s coming…) is “The STORM,” and it’s going to be a whopper. The enemy is entrenched and once they and their horrific crimes have been revealed, all hell is going to break loose.

But Trump and the patriots already know this and have their contingency/counter measures in place to handle the rioting and subversive war quickly, swiftly, and cleanly.

Have some faith, Bud. This didn’t all just happen by accident to see it fall to pieces now. What Trump and his team are doing is giving these sons-o-bitches plenty of rope, because after they’re indicted, tried, and convicted (most in a military tribunal for sedition and treason), there’ll be plenty of rope from which to watch them swing from here straight into hell.

Love you…