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/pol/John Durham Election Investigation 2020Anonymous 11/27/20(Fri)12:06:38 No.293378971  [Reply]

It’s been finally approved to disclose that John Durham’s scope investigation wasn’t limited to what occurred in the 2016 election but has occurred in 2020 election. This isn’t limited to investigators at the FBI/DOJ but Investigation of all IC agencies in criminal meddling and conspiracy to commit fraud. This includes past government officials and past politicians. There’s several contracted government companies and NGO’s included. The point was to not allow this to happen again to any future Presidential elections. — CongressAnon

/pol/Q is a LARP (but an *OFFICIAL* LARP)Anonymous 11/18/20(Wed)04:50:53 No.291450918  [Reply]

I just had a few drinks with someone who even encouraged me to share this on /Pol/ for a morale boost. Believe what you will. This friend of mine is pretty connected. His kids are former military officers (as am I) and they’re now civilians working for DOD. My friend knows Mike Flynn personally. They’ve done work together (pre-Trump era). They’re both huge on JJ Angleton (the former “wilderness of mirrors” counterintelligence spook). Naturally, we talked about the election. I brought up Trump’s chances in the Supreme Court and my friend responded: “Can’t you see this was a sting?” We then talked about “Q” – what Q is and what Q is not. For starters, Q is real. Q is an official person in the Trump administration (ECW). Q is not an all-knowing, all-powerful time traveler. It’s a really sharp 34-year-old dude posting on a message board. As of last week, he’s now the intelligence chief at the Pentagon. He’s also super close to Flynn. More continued…