It’s just a mask… & Sidney Powell speaks.

ITS JUST A MASK!😷 Powerful!! Wow!!! Do you see what Is Happening folks? Don’t Ignore it folks Pass this on!!

Is this about the virus or the election?

And then this, a day later…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. As scary as this posting is (and it is) if you want to see what the vaccine is and its capabilities, check out Anthony Patch. Look up magazine “Entangled” on Amazon, esp “Tech Coalescence:Mark of the Beast” and wake up everyone you know on this unknown VAX

  2. From a friend in medical field posted on FB:

    A word on the “vaccine”

    It’s not a vaccine. It’s gene editing. Vaccines use inert proteins to trigger an antibody response. This is not what is happening in this case.

    Phizer and Moderna are editing your mRNA…..

    Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” that are currently approved or pending approval by the FDA are not vaccines at all. What these companies are claiming are vaccines are actually compounds that will use mRNA to make your cells reproduce new cells with altered genetic codes..

    mRNA is the “messenger” that your DNA uses to communicate with the cell it resides within as well as other cells in the body. Science tells us that our DNA is replicated when mRNA goes into ribosomes and new cells are generated from the mRNA sequence.

    These scientists are making THE HUMAN BODY generate CORONAVIRUS PROTEINS from YOUR OWN CELLS so it thinks the subject has COVID-19. They theorize that this will make people generate antibodies without having to inject a virus into their bloodstream.

    So who thinks a permanent gene edit is a good idea on less than 6 months testing with 6 deaths in testing? They claim only 2 of the deaths weren’t given a placebo. I’d like to know how many subjects there were total. Because if it’s less than 100,000 then the “vaccine” is more deadly than the virus.

    Then there is the “everyone has to get it” point of this, which is very very shady. If it’s 95% effective and those that feel they want it get it, then why does everyone else? And why still masks and social distancing? And WHY the liability disclaimer?

    In short. You’re getting two shots, that gene edit your cells, by all reports make people sick as a dog for a few weeks, you’re required to accept a waiver of liability, and still have to wear masks and jump through illogical political hoops?

    Yeah…nothing to see here folks. Just move along like good little Sheep.

    Fact check that Zuck. Everything I stated is true.

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