Like taking the vaccine… just don’t. There are loads of medical reasons why you shouldn’t. Do your research. I have. And there’s NO WAY I’m getting the jab, no more than I would have worn the facial bacteria producing feedbag face diaper — and I haven’t.

We’ve already been zuckered into disclosing all of our personal info — names, photos, locations of family members and friends, where we went to school, our habits, where we shop, how we spend our money, literally our COMPLETE bios, not to mention our geo locations wherever we are.

And now the same people who have tricked you/us into giving it all up while they hoovervac our lives to control us, sell our info to psychologically manipulating advertisers who use mind control tricks to steer us in their direction, who sell our data to make money, and God only knows what else…

All of you who are using your DNA to find long lost relatives or ancestors are probably going to be the first ones who’ll want to get the jab. Because it will make you feel safer from that nasty little Chinese virus, right? (yeah, the one with a 99% recovery rate). With all we’re learning about our global masters, you still trust them with your lives and those of your loved ones?

Smarten up. Don’t drink the koolaid. Don’t be a sheep. Defiance begins with NO.