First, if you haven’t read them yet, do so now. See my earlier post that lists Lin Wood’s tweets here:

Reaction from the Anon Research board:

In regards to Lin Wood, let’s analyze a few points:

A. He is stating that Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children through Epstein.

B. Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children for a pedophilia sacrifice.

C. Lin directly asks Roberts if he is a member of a cabal that requires minor children as an initiation fee.

D. He claims that Roberts discussed Scalia’s death before it occurred.

E. It is stated that with absolute certainly that Epstein is still alive and cooperating.

His claims acknowledge that there is a cabal that requires pedophile acts in order to be apart of their group. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a part of these cabal and sacrifices his own adoptive children to be apart of this group. This group is so powerful that they are able to kill a supreme court justice. With only reviewing what Lin Wood is stating, he would be murdered just for even simply alluding to all of this. He basically just signed his death warrant. I don’t believe that Lin has a death wish, he knows what he just exposed puts a giant target on his back. The only rational explanation for his statements is that this cabal is no longer a threat, and the patriots are in control, and are about to Cross the Rubicon.

Lin Wood let us know why everything will get shut down.

Old news question about Nashville and ATT.

Is there any part of the Presidential Emergency Broadcast that require a functioning ATT in Nashville? Was Nashville used to get access to ATT to aid operatives to assist with shutting things down? Maybe the bombing was just step one of a plan. Anything the FBI solves in a day is suspect.

And it is not just politicians, also pedowood actors, musicians, high ranking business officials, IMO. The black eye club.

We already knew it. Mass population awakening soon.

Disagree. This is NOT something most folks even fathom. It’s shocking! Unbelievable! If it’s true then it and the perps must be names and exposed and punished. I am truly shocked by it!

Seems consistent with what Q has been dropping.

Yes it is consistent, the caveat is that Q/Potus have not ripped the blindfolds off the American Public eyes yet, so only people who follow Q won’t think he has gone insane…

No wonder they are flipping the fuck out. Can you imagine if you do this and are about to be exposed?

Twatter still hasn’t flagged or banned him either. I wonder why?

Because he would sue them and win

Just imagine the discovery

@jack wants no part of that

Scott Kesterson talked at length about the truth on his podcast last night. It puts all of this in perspective.