Is there something wrong with your Mask ?

Well yes, for most masks and in most situations today, the answer is “Yes!”

After SARS-2 (Covid19) showed up last year, many people began wearing masks , under the belief that any mask will reduce the risk to themselves or others. The truth is that most of the commonly worn masks were designed to reduce the exposure of our lungs and airways to solid particles and dust. The protection against virus is very limited.

Particle sizes (approx):
0.1 microns = virus particles (or smaller)
0.5 microns = tobacco Smoke ( 0.1~1.0 um)
0.3 microns = effective pore size for N95 mask (95% stoppage)
1.0 microns = a photon of the light that our eyes see.
3.0 microns = effective pore size for a 3-layer Surgical mask (varies)
10 microns = common dust mask or cloth covering (~80 microns).
20 microns = saliva droplets from coughing or talking ( 10~100 um).
> Due to inertia, 10 micron particles generally do not get to your lungs where the worst damage can happen. (Saliva droplets from coughing or talking are 10~100 um.)

The Theory:
1. An N95 mask, if tightly fitted, will reduce your exposure to virus in the air.
2. A Surgical mask was designed to keep saliva droplets out of an incision to prevent bacterial infection. A surgical mask does not block submicron particles in the airflow that gets through or around the mask edges. Other masks are less efficient.
3. If you are infected with a virus, your mask will capture many large saliva droplets before they evaporate into submicron particles that others can breath in. Is this effective?

(If you are sick, you should not be around the public anyway.)

Bad News:
> Masks are single-use, and should be disposed of after every use. Most people re-use them!

> a Virion (virus particle) is not a live biological cell, it is an RNA strand wrapped by some proteins. It is tiny! Even if a mask stops 95% of the 1 million virions emitted when talking briefly, it only takes 300 virions (or less) to infect you. No mask is good enough.

> In many studies, starting with the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak until now with Corona virus, mask wearing has shown no significant reduction in rates of infection.

> In a 2009 a split study was done between N95 and Surgical masks with hospital nurses caring for influenza virus patients. For either mask, about 22% of the nurses became inflected with flu virus.

> A good review of many of these studies was compiled by the Swiss Policy Research group at

Good News:
It doesn’t matter! You can toss your mask and be free and smile at others again! Encourage others to be Free as well !

> What stops you from inhaling a virus? Practically Nothing!
> What keeps you from getting really sick or dying? A healthy immune system!

> For young people, death from Covid is extremely rare, and even symptoms are rare. > For most adults, symptoms range from none (often) to as bad as the flu (not often). > For the sickly and elderly with “co-morbidities,” death sometimes occurs.

Covid is not a plague. The overall death rate in the USA is normal in 2020, and below 2017. ( per the CDC, Covid “cases” reported via PCR testing do not represent Covid sickness,

and most covid deaths are associated with multiple co-morbidities.)

> Today, doctors have a box of cures ready for those who get really sick.
> Deaths occur from a rare Cytokine Storm in a person with an unbalanced immune system, and / or with no margin left in their cardio or respiratory system (i.e., nursing home patients). > The CDC has know one good cure since 2005: …a study in Virology Journal titled ‘Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.’
( HydroxyChloroquine (HQC) can halt the hyper-inflammation of a Cytokine Storm.)
> Treatment & Prevention is inexpensive with products like HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamine-D, etc., and newer drugs like monoclonal antibody.

( I do not recommend self-treatment. Proper dosing is important.)
> Keep your immune system healthy and balanced. Good food, rest, sunlight, prayer, etc…

Dr. Fauci in May 2020 said that masks serve symbolic roles – making people “feel” safe. So, what “symbolic role?” So that we are no longer humans with a face and a smile and communication? That we are mental slaves to misinformation by CNN and Facebook and Google (whose biggest customer is China)?

Choose Freedom !
A note on vaccines for Corona viruses:

Bad news: For the SARS1 virus appearing in 2003 (“Covid03”), all attempts at creating a vaccine were complete failures. In tests, those vaccines, months later, caused a hyper- inflammatory reaction to later exposures of the Corona virus, and more likely deaths. Caution is advised for any new vaccine that has not had a few years “incubation” in humans to know the long-term affects.

Good news: RNA viruses, like Coronavirus, run out of steam in 1 or 2 years, and populations gain a “herd immunity.” Sweden, for example, had lax rules for shutdowns and masks, and seems to have achieved herd immunity in less than 1 year, and with fewer deaths than similar populations like Norway or Michigan with strict controls on the people.

Choose Freedom !