Robert Morrow is one of those people with a passion for everything about the assassination of our 35th president, John F. Kennedy. Morrow occasionally sends me updates, info he’s come across because he knows of my longtime fascination with the REAL truth of the assassination. I’ve written about it many times on this site. All you’d have to do is a search on the home page to read all the pieces I’ve written.

Tonight Morrow sends me more info.


Robert Kennedy was doing EVERYTHING he could to destroy the Jim Garrison investigation.

If you don’t believe me just read Joan Mellen’s A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History. You can find this on Amazon and get the paperback Skyhorse edition of the book that was published in 2013. It has an additional chapter from pp. 387 to 476 that author Joan Mellen used to update her original book.

Robert Kennedy used CIA operative, posing as an NBC TV journalist, WALTER SHERIDAN to shoot a torpedo into the Jim Garrison investigation of the JFK assassination.
Walter Sheridan’s obituary: Walter J. Sheridan Is Dead at 69; Helped Build Case Against Hoffa – The New York Times (
Walter Sheridan, posing as an NBC reporter, went down to New Orleans and played very dirty using every means he could to destroy Garrison’s investigation, including trying to bribe witnesses into changing their stories.
I should add that both Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ’s man at the CIA Richard Helms were ALSO obsessed with utterly destroying the Jim Garrison investigation into the murder of JFK. No wonder Garrison failed although he was 100% right about the JFK assassination being a coup d’etat. Garrison tragically should have dropped charges against Clay Shaw for the murder of JFK. In no way at all did Garrison have a solid case against Clay Shaw for JFK’s murder.
As I often say LBJ/CIA/Texas Oil were behind the JFK assassination.
Why would RFK oppose Garrison? He knew the JFK assassination was a domestic conspiracy. RFK opposed the Garrison investigation because he suspected that CIA operatives in Operation Mongoose had killed JFK and RFK was deeply suspicious that LBJ had killed JFK in response to the Kennedys’ full throttle efforts to destroy LBJ in the fall of 1963. RFK knew that there was a lot of stuff that could come out that would reflect negatively on him: his war against LBJ, his attempts to get Fidel Castro murdered and whatever unsavory dealings that RFK had with CIA and anti-Castro Cuban operatives.
I highly, highly recommend Joan Mellen’s book. People who have a naive view of the Kennedys are simply crippled at understanding the JFK assassination. This book will open your eyes.
Robert Morrow  

Earlier this week, Morrow sent this:

Bill Simpich’s State Secret, Chapter 6 is critical to understanding the FRAME UP of Lee Harvey Oswald

Folks, here is the web link:

The Key point is that Oswald’s (inaccurate description) of “5 feet 10 inches, 165 pounds” is found in CIA, FBI and INS documents that were created BEFORE THE JFK ASSASSINATION.
Oswald was a completely innocent CIA patsy as well as a huge fan of both JFK and Jackie Kennedy. Oswald liked JFK so much he could have been the head of a JFK fan club. Lyndon Johnson, however, would just as soon piss on the graves of all Kennedys and MLK as well.
Meaning, the plotters were pulling Oswald’s description from the files and trying to frame him by 12:44PM and then repeatedly putting out an APB for a man fitting this description for the next 45 minutes. US intelligence was manipulating the Dallas Police Department.

An unknown man provided “5 foot 10, 165 pounds” tip at JFK crime scene 

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