Scott Kesterson of BARDS FM is giving us a rundown of what’s happening in DC, accompanied with his commentary. “Looks like they’re building FEMA camps right there inside the fencing with razor wire topping them.” The entire area inside of DC is considered a “Kill Zone.” The National Guard has been given weapons, they’re hot and have been given shoot-to-kill orders in DC. “Listen to our president – stay out of there and stay calm. We are entering our popcorn moment. This is getting crazy.”

This just came in — from Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of Overstock and funder of the cyber teams that have been discovering all the ballot criminality: “Just confirmed with Rudy Giuliani that Jared Kushner (yes, THAT Jared Kushner) has been banned from the White House grounds by POTUS. Kushner tried getting in today at 8 am and was told President has blocked him.

Why are the Dems silent about seemingly being caged in? Why aren’t they saying anything about this cage being built around them? Why are people being asked to show their ID when entering the fenced perimeter?

More coming. Stay tuned…