Silent Running. What happens at the very end of a sting operation?

Tonight’s X22 Report. This just gets more and more fascinating… gotta stop eating so much popcorn.

Oh, on another topic, this:

Caroline Kennedy’s twitter account was wiped clean after she shared a picture of her brother, JFK Jr. and President Trump. Imagine that?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Just imagine the long-term anger if the Kennedy children found out that LBJ and top Democrats were actually behind their father’s murder. Just imagine if these two very close, very intelligent, very wealthy siblings had spent their developmental years reading everything that they could about the case, developing the type of code-language that only siblings can understand, and planning the ultimate sting.

    Now, remember that JFK Junior’s plane crashed on the anniversary of the crash of TWA Flight 800. Was that a signal?

    Now, what if the timing of the posting of those photos was meant to send chills down the spines of certain high-level Democrats?

    Now, consider that it no longer matters whether he is dead or alive. (I’ve heard the rumors that he is still alive, that he was plucked from the ocean by a Navy submarine after the staged “crash”, that he has been living incognito for almost 25 years, etc.). Right now, what matters is that those photos can be construed as a signal that makes certain key Democrats **think** that he is still alive, and that he is about to reveal some very deep and dark secrets. Imagine how they would turn on each other to avoid lengthy prison time (or the death penalty). And, they would be fools to try to ask what the meaning is behind the release of the photos. So, they must remain silent while they wait. But, some of them will crack.

    The fact that her Twitter account was quickly wiped clean only adds fuel to the above scenario. Who will sing first and loudest?

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