Professor D. Hamamoto In The Documentary Movie “Somewhere Under the Lockdown”

Over the course of ten months in lockdown, we also tapped the creativity and journalist efforts of four documentary filmmakers who had compiled the voices of a variety of American contributors. Over these same ten months, a group of over twenty concerned citizen journalists met on a Maryland island not far from Washington, DC to contribute their research and ideas.  This group dubbed itself “The Potomac Group” in reference to its strategic location on the Potomac.  Other citizen journalist gatherings were also held in La Jolla, California, Temperance, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah Georgia, Sarasota, Florida, and West Palm Beach Florida.

Filmmaker Peter Duke Discusses With George Webb The Possibility Of CoronaVirus Being The Deep State’s  “Insurance Policy”

Chapter One – Virus Shuts America Down

During The March 2020 Lockdown Of CoronaVirus, George Webb Looked Into The State Department’s Use Of Diplomatic Couriers, Both Armed and Unarmed, For Various Classified Programs

In March 2020, a group of ten concerned Americans and one Canadian are gathered to expose corruption in D.C. and find themselves locked down by the Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s CoronaVirus edict. Cloistered in a beach house on the Potomac River for the better part of three weeks, concerned souls from the breadth of North America brainstormed night and day to find the roots of the CoronaVirus pandemic firmly entwined with the US Capitol’s own roots of corruption. Day-long work sessions resulted in giant 3M Post-It notes papering the walls of the large first-floor meeting area. The notes listed facts and metadata on people, places, and events, capturing the hue and tussle of the animated discussions.

Journalist George Webb Outlines The Use Of Armed Diplomatic Courier In Classified State Department Programs.  Webb Highlight Armed Diplomatic Couriers Who Had Been Participants In The Wuhan NATO Military Games In October of 2019. CBS Show 60 Minutes Did Hit Piece On Webb In The Week Leading Up To The Certification Of The 2020 Presidential Election, Failing To Mention The Chinese Foreign Ministry Had Attributed The Outbreak To US Military Athletes At The Wuhan Games

In a creative design process called a “charrette”, a mentor/instructor named Peter Duke led the group via a tried-and-true creative process made famous by Disney. The joint mission: making sense of the conflicting CoronaVirus news streaming in from all over the world.

The bulk of the group’s time consisted of thousands of daily search engine queries. The goal was to run down leads and connections on new stories that put the overall tableau into a clearer perspective. In a simulation process called “Newsroom”, participants were encouraged to try to add value every round on every new major update on the origins of the CoronaVirus.

Bulgarian Journalist Dilyana Outlined United States Armed Diplomatic Couriers Were Used by NATO To Transport Pathogens For Bioweapons Programs

In a bittersweet turn of events, the “Prisoners Of The Potomac” chose to focus all their energy on the most pressing issue in the mind of everyone in the world – “How and when did this CoronaVirus pandemic start?” The process of finding a resolution to this question would eventually lead to a CNN Fake News smear on the group leader, George Webb, and launch an international debate between China and the United States that is still unresolved.

Volunteer Researchers From All Over The United States Came To Cobb Island, Maryland on the Potomac in Maryland to Contribute To The Anti-Corruption Charrette in March of 2020.

Chapter Two – All Evidence Points To NATO Military Games in Wuhan, October 2019.

One day before the citizen journalists of the Potomac Group’s charrette began in March of 2020, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland shut down all restaurants in the entire state, making the Potomac Group the “Prisoners On The Potomac”.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

This CoronaVirus lockdown in Maryland meant the Potomac Group contributors would be spending the next three weeks together, round the clock, doing news article searches focused entirely on finding the source of the CoronaVirus.  Immediately, the name Benassi began to appear, over and over again.

A White House reporter and news producer attended the Potomac Group event, and a noted author of many National Security books attended the event as well.  Many amateur historians of the intelligence services also attend the Potomac Group meeting.  The stated purpose of the meeting was originally to look at a Ukrainian billionaire who had inherited bioweapons programs of the former Soviet Union, and the use of those bioweapons by NATO military forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and for the NATO actions in Libya and Syria.