As the Potomac Group dove into the Benassi research, they found the Benassis appeared as diplomatic couriers as far back as the Nixon Administration. The Benassi name seemed to be sprinkled throughout European NATO countries in the business of arms production and storage of chemical and biological weapons. Again, the CoronaVirus has destroyed the world.  If a small group of arms merchants are using unsuspecting family members to vector the virus in airports and other public places, serious journalists must entertain this possibility.

It turns out that one Paul Benassi was in charge of NATO covert actions through a secure network of encrypted Blackberry devices, the same type of devices used by Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin in the planning and execution of NATO’s illegal covert actions in Libya and Syria. It was also revealed that the United Nations/World Health Organization representative who wrote the Wellcome Trust’s response to the worldwide CoronaVirus crisis was one Virginia Benassi. That’s a lot of Benassis for one short day of research at the anti-corruption charrette.

Journalist George Webb Has Asserted CIA Director Richard Helms Moved Chemical and US Biological Weapons Programs To NATO and Iran.

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan would later take a video of that first day’s working session and edit the video out of context to imply the group had just picked a Dutch NATO courier’s name out of a hat to smear her and her diplomatic cover husband.

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Used A Video Of A Working Session Of The Potomac Group, But Failed To Mention The Dutch NATO Courier Status – O’Sullivan Also Reversed Death Threats Against Webb Into False Claims That Webb Wished Harm On The Benassis.

O’Sullivan would suppress the telltale clue: Benassi’s IP traffic to Nanjing, China and the Johns Hopkins virology joint venture established there in 2016. Observing the sharp uptick in communications in late 2016 between the NATO courier and Nanjing in November 2016, NATO may have been planning an insurance policy for Trump as early as then.

Journalist George Webb Has Asserted CIA Director Richard Helms Assigned Peter Strzok Sr. The Task Of Moving United States Biological Weapons Programs to Minnesota, North Dakota, Winnipeg & Iran. According to Webb, Peter Strzok Jr. of the Trump Dossier Continues in This Role In Countries Surrounding the Former Soviet Union.

Donie O’Sullivan also suppressed armstrong connection from Kolomoisky to  the wife of the man who created the fictitious Black Ledger, in addition to contributing to the Trump Dossier, Serhiy Leshchenko.

Serhiy Leshchenko Not Only Falsified The Manafort Black Ledger, But Leshchenko Is Thought To Be The Key Contributor Of The Trump Dossier.

Incredibly, Igor Kolomoisky, the warlord who has been NATO’s proxy for deploying biological and chemical weapons all over Africa and Asia, had also used a Ukrainian model named Nastia as a spokesmodel to milk IMF loans and USAID money via Crimea. Acting as a coup de grace of sorts,Kolomoisky would use Nastia as a Crimean spokesmodel for a Ukrainian warlord whose husband would write Trump Black Ledgers and Dossiers.

CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan Made No Mention Of Kolomoisky’s Role As A NATO Henchman For Biological Weapons Despite His Information Card Being Clearly Visible In The CNN Smear Piece On Investigative Reporter George Webb.  Photos Clearly Show That Webb Always Accused Kolomoisky Of The CoronaVirus Deployment, Not The Benassis

CNN buried all connections to Kolomoisky and his nefarious NATO biological weapons spraying. They also buried all links between Igor Kolomoisky Black Ledger author Leschenko. To O’Sullivan, George Webb was just another one of Trump’s Russian agents impugning the good name of a Ukrainian warlord who had bilked the United States and International Monetary Fund out of tens of billions. O’Sullivan had previously accused a fourteen year old boy of being a Russian agent for creating a meme of Donald Trump body slamming the CNN logo WWE-style.

President Trump Retweets Mock Viral Video Of Him Body Slamming And Pummeling CNN Logo Man. O’Sullivan Later Accused The Boy Who Made The Meme of Being A Russian Operative.

So much for day one of The Potomac Group’s research. The original and groundbreaking nature of the research garnered the video created from it an astounding 655,000 views in a few hours, until Youtube censored the video and terminated it soon thereafter. Right away on the first day of the charrette, The Potomac Group proved to the world that citizen journalists produce real results quickly, leaving the intelligence agency underwritten networks like CNN groping for “Russia, Russia, Russia” tropes in the absence of real news gathering.