Q’s “Brave New World” reference from Nov 2018 makes a lot more sense when you compare it to the “walk through the darkness” drop from Nov 2020.

The public had to be “shown” a sample of the dystopian new world order [they] were planning. I just hope the Biden sample doesn’t last much longer.

“Circumstances need to change before they can remove the treasonous actors who stole the election and are trying to destroy the nation. The number one trigger point is that Biden’s popularity across the nation needs to be driven down. Down close to 30%. It has already begun even among leftists.

The white hats believe that moving against the Biden criminals can only be done successfully if Biden’s popularity is sufficiently low that most of America would agree with the move. And that after that, America would agree to a new election, an election run under military authority that uses paper ballots. That election could take place during this calendar year — it’s definitely NOT going to happen by March 4 or April – but it all depends on the popularity.” — Mike Adams