I walked the beach yesterday — I estimate there were probably 200-300 people out there, sunning themselves, playing with their children, dipping in and out of the surf. In the course of my one mile walk out and back, I counted 7 people wearing masks. In the bright sunshine. With a steady breeze out of the south.

These people who think they’re keeping themselves “safe” by wearing the face diaper? They’re silently saying they do not possess critical thinking skills. In fact, they’re sheep. If they’ve done any research at all, they’d know the masks are unhealthy. and do nothing to protect them from a virus that cannot survive in the sunshine.

What prompted me to write about it is this photo that someone posted on TELEGRAM.

Captioned, “Miami Beach—yesterday.   Such a good metaphor.  Ppl are sick and tired of this shit.  From Nancy’s salon run to Gavin’s posh dinners, we are being ruled by 21st century feudal lords. The best thing we can do, apart from nonviolent noncompliance, is to point out the absurdity of it all.   Make them try to outlaw satire. What we are living through is clown world—transvestites telling us to follow the science, a dementia plagued puppet telling to us respect the experts, et al.,”

One more thing…

Merck has announced it will not make CoVid Vaccines.

Merck Stops COVID Vaccine: “Studies Showed People Better Off Catching Virus And Recovering!” – The True Reporter

This is a stunner. And it’s 100% true. Even confirmed by CNN of all places. Merck halting all work on its COVID vaccine…. Why? Because it’s data showed the immune response was “inferior” to just catching the virus and recovering! Follow my Channel here so you always get updates directly from us: