Where we could be headed?

Excerpt from Situation Update with Mike Adams:

Three black swan events that might disrupt Biden and his coming reign of terror against Americans

As far as we know, there are only three things that can prompt the military to remove Biden from power due to his acts of sedition, corruption and treason against the United States:

  1. A domestic nuclear attack on a major U.S. city using dirty bombs or nuclear detonations, both of which were threatened to be used against Trump by the deep state. The most likely originators of dirty bombs or nuclear bombs in the US are Democrats, deep staters and globalists. The FBI is no doubt trying to recruit scapegoats for this scenario right now. Think about who has access to uranium: Mueller, Clinton, Brennan, etc. (Read up on the Uranium One scandal.)
  2. A cascading debt collapse that obliterates most of the value of US stocks, which would cause a collapse in pension funds, retirement investments and equities held by tens of millions of Americans.
  3. War with China. This war looks increasingly likely to occur, and China is engaged in sabre rattling against Taiwan, while the outgoing Trump administration labeled China a nation engaged in “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” Under Trump, the US dropped its “one-China policy” and recognized Taiwan as an independent nation.

After any of these three possible black swan events, we anticipate regional warfare and horrific chaos. This era will be characterized by utter lawlessness, violence, arson, looting, food shortages, gun battles and basically every nightmare scenario you can imagine.

When this scenario occurs, anyone stuck in a blue city can basically kiss their chances of survival goodbye. America’s cities will be turned into death zones.

Biden’s popularity under such circumstances would, of course, plummet well below 30%, and the US military would obviously have the justification it needs to step in, remove the illegitimate pretender-in-chief Biden and work to restore the rule of law in America, which would require holding new, honest elections using paper ballots.

These topics and more are covered in today’s Situation Update podcast:


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Thanks for the post. I had heard that that was why Biden wasn’t arrested on January 20…..because the Deep State had threatened to detonate a dirty bomb if the arrest took place, and they would have made it look like Trump had done it.

  2. Uh, the thing is: Biden IS NOT LEGITIMATE. He DID NOT WIN. Therefore, he shouldn’t even BE in power at all! The military HAS the evidence of this and have had it before January 20th. I’m SURE of this.

    So, the traditional reasons to remove a president do not apply in this case. They can remove him at any time since he DID NOT WIN. The certification of the votes was fraudulent as well as the vote counts themselves and Biden almost certainly was involved somehow, he even stated it, remember? It was a meme for a while. THEY KNOW THIS! So, I disagree with Mike Adams.

      1. I do understand, I have a high IQ. I see that people are saying Biden is in control of a defunct government. However, he shouldn’t be in control of ANYTHING since he really did NOT win. I watched days of hearings and heard the evidence myself. It is unfair, UNJUST, what happened here!

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