If you’ve been following Q’s messages for the past four years, you probably already know this.

So this is for all who didn’t follow, and don’t know. When all this comes out, you will likely be so furious at the lies promulgated by pharmaceutical companies and the Medical Mafia and the media that make their BIG AD $ by airing commercials that lie to you, and physicians who are paid handsomely to push pills and meds you don’t need, it will take you a long time to ever trust the medical community again.


If the Fauci/Covid/CDC/WHO/ etc Covid deception hasn’t opened your eyes yet… Maybe THIS will. Bear in mind this goes way beyond Covid. Think cancer and other deadly, debilitating diseases.

Now ask yourself this: How do Big PHARMA and the Medical Mafia make money? By curing you?

Or by “treating you…”

Read it carefully. Every single line.

Still wearing that mask? Sheep.