Bombshell: VP Mike Pence Traitor Within Had A Mission To Destroy Trump, Former D.I.A. Clapper In The Hot Seat Telling All

When Donald Trump was elected his plan was to drain the swamp from all those that were doing their best to destroy the country from within and they have been doing a bang-up job of it, right? For a shining moment, it seemed that the American people were finally getting their country back and the right people were in place to make it happen. However, as time went on, we all saw how deep and murky the swamp actually was as Trump fought against them.

What made his battle even more frustrating was seeing that many of these devious swamp people were actually those who we all thought were on our side.

Over the years, there has been speculation that VP Mike Pence was one of those traitors but we all would brush those feelings aside thinking that they could just be rumors. However, it appears that they are not rumors as a leaked interrogation of Former D.I.A. James Clapper has revealed and he is not done naming names. ( )

Here is more from Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.:

If you thought it can’t be bad enough of what Trump had to put up within the White House, you had better take a good listen to Clapper’s interrogation clip by investigators dated January 30th, 2021.

As many suspected….former V.P. Mike Pence was a “pedophile/homosexual” compromised traitor of the Republic.

His mission was to destroy the Trump presidency to (initially) pave the way for himself under the 25th amendment but succeeded on January 6th in congress.

Former D.I.A. James Clapper is in the hot seat, naming names and pointing fingers. 

What comes of all this is anyone’s guess, while at the same time….states like Arizona are in a legal battle to force disclosure of election fraud on all levels. 

Is it any wonder why the military CONTINUES to re-enforce troop deployments in Washington, D.C.?

The Deep State is running scared and THEY want Civil War.