Chicago man freezes pants for this bizarre reason

A pair of frozen jeans standing up

Image source: Adam Selzer / NBC Chicago

A Chicago man has become a hit on social media for freezing his pants.

Adam Selzer decided to start freezing multiple pairs of pants until they are able to stand upright on their own. He has created quite the stir on social media ever since he’s been placing the frozen pants outside in Chicago. So, why is Selzer doing such an odd thing? Well, to save parking spaces, of course. In Chicago, it’s not uncommon for residents to call “parking dibs” on parking spaces around the city. Residents are known for placing traffic cones, lawn chairs, and other items to claim their spot. 

So, Selzer decided to freeze his pants and stand them upright in his freshly shoveled parking spot so he can claim dibs on the space. “Polar Vortex fun: pants with nobody inside them! Soak a pair, put outside. In about 20 minutes you can form them to shape, and in another 20 they’re solid,” Selzer explained. 

While most people think he’s a genius for using frozen pants as a way to reserve parking spaces, Selzer says he just likes the photos he’s able to capture. So, what do multiple frozen pairs of pants randomly distributed around Chicago look like anyway? Find the photos and more info on Selzer’s social media stunt here.