From the Boards – “The Next Move”

It’s a big game being played. The things they’ve done are so horrific that the truth will not be for everyone. Anon is right. This has nothing to do with politics or anything other than preventing us knowing the WHY.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. maybe its the take down of clones, the making of and the take over of the clones, destroy the labs, the tunnels, everything they use to try to make human clones so there are no more walking this earth. the truth of using look a likes and clones should come out so the people can stop being fooled…just my thoughts

  2. They know what is coming, trying to prolong it. I hope more people woke up after impeachment hoax. I am ready for this part of the movie to get over with. Saw lawyer had his driveway painted on. Can’t help but think Senator from Pa had something to do with it since she made a point to mention he was from there. Now they have 80 million that are done with them. Time for everyone to protest masks every day. I don’t care of there is a sign, just walk in like you own the place. If someolne says anything say medical reasons, don’t explain keep walking. I do it several times a day.

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