Here are the links to the various segments on today’s War Room with Steve Bannon and Raheem Kassam.

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Recall Newsom Effort Grows in California

Tom Del Beccaro gives an update on Rescue California and explains why Gavin Newsom will soon be recalled.

Cortes: Lara Trump Could Easily Be N.C. Senator, Over ‘Swamp Dinosaur’ Burr

Steve Cortes blasts the establishment and explains what it takes to take them on.

Harvard is a ‘Nest of CCP Intel Assets’

Natalie Winters exposes more CCP-ties between the media and the Ivy League.

War Room Pays Tribute to Curtis Ellis

John Fredericks gives a moving tribute to one of the original pioneers of the America First movement.

Show Notes: 

Episode 730 – No Group Hug

Bannon’s strategy, off the straight talk express, and why MAGA actually had a week of winning.

Episode 731 – The Art of the Precinct

Behind enemy lines in CA, R.I.P. Curtis Ellis, and why Mike Lindell is more than the My Pillow Guy.

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