Some anons on social media have a theory about the new look…

Take this for what it’s worth. Time will reveal whether or not it is true.

“Mossad took down the twin towers for those who are unaware of their tentacles. Also they run the mockingbird media. Our CIA and Mossad were in bed together for decades. Rumors on Trump and Melania? There aren’t any. Just lies from the media. Melania is on a mission with Trump. They signed up for what most people would run from. A group of good folks within the intelligence agencies asked Trump to run. It was a calling he couldn’t refuse. This is so much bigger than a 4 year election. Plan goes back 60 years. Since Kennedy senior.

“Trump did it already.”

“CIA is powerless. Hence it going black. Forget which logo looks better. Don’t miss the message. November 7th when the raid in Germany took place with the dominion servers is when the agency started it destruction. By the new year it was completed.”

Is truth stranger than fiction???