Copied from a friend in Texas. But it hits the nail right on the head!!
Pretty much a massive disaster hit Texas. Not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy for a lot of folks. Our infrastructure and government response was not as ready as it should have been. Our power grid had vulnerabilities.
However, while fake news will make people believe that Texans were helpless….I have seen a totally different narrative. I saw people helping one another, I saw generators, fuel, firewood being deployed by residents – not government. I saw people opening homes and businesses as shelters, pets and all. I saw an army of four wheel drive vehicles pulling folks out of ditches, delivering meals, etc. I could go on.
You know what I didnt see?
Mass Looting.
Criticize and laugh all you want, but never doubt the resolve, generosity, and the preparedness of the Texas people. We overcome.


Another friend who resides in Texas wrote:

I just saw a news story that says, “Cruz jets away to vacation while 11 year old boy freezes to death in his family trailer”…

Just for the record –What would Cruz staying here have done for that boy? What on earth does the one have to do with the other?

I don’t care what Heidi’s texts said. I don’t care how bourgeoisie the trip to Cancun looks. In this country, we look up to people who’ve done well and we try to use their examples to motivate our own efforts. And I don’t BLAME THEM for wanting to blow out of this miserable weather and go somewhere warm for a few days. Had I the ability to do so, I would have. Ted Cruz could not fix the grid, could not deliver any food parcels to more than a handful of people (driving was dangerous for the bourgeois as well as the proletariat, folks), and most important of all, he is NOT A MEMBER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF TEXAS. He could do nothing, and it wasn’t his JOB to try to do anything anyway. If the Senate suddenly wanted to send aid to Texas (it wouldn’t get here for a year anyway), he could vote remote on his phone or computer, LIKE ALL THE REST OF THEM.

We already HAVE emergency organizations and staff. We already have Texas National Guard and law enforcement to help people. We already have a governor and a legislature and disaster funding. We don’t NEED our two senators to do anything, and we don’t NEED any help from Washington.

How would Texas have been better off if Cruz and his family sat in their home and froze like the rest of us? What WAS HE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!

My roads were icy and my airport was closed. I might have flown away myself if it had been possible. Good grief, WHAT IS THE ISSUE HERE?

I hate the word “optics”. I’m a photographer, and a guy with a rifle and scope, and optics to me are how I see things, not how political events are “seen” by the public. I hate it because its a euphemism that itself makes the user a “political insider”, which is obnoxious. But to stipulate — HOW IS THIS BAD OPTICS when a guy with NOTHING to offer Texas leaves Texas because the weather is bad? /end rant