So many (too many!) of our fellow citizens have been fooled by the lies of the enemy. They need to wake up and face the truth about our country and the world, including truth that is bad and really ugly.

If we do not face the whole truth, we cannot work to change our country and the world. We have to know what is wrong in order to fix it. There is much that needs to be fixed. 

Truth-givers are not perfect. As for me, I try to do my best to speak truth but along the way, I have made mistakes. I try to admit and correct the mistakes so that I hopefully continue to build and maintain my credibility with you. 

In the final analysis, we must ALL search for and find the truth for ourselves. We must re-learn how to think for ourselves so that we do not blindly accept the propaganda of an agenda-driven media.

Ask questions. Do research. Use your common sense.  

And enjoy today!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸