From a comment at TELEGRAM:

“One of my international Anon friends (an excellent thinker) sent the following thought to a few of us. You may not agree with each point but I think this will resonate with many patriots out there.  Enjoy: 

“Let me offer an opinion about Q: I think it is fair to say that we all got lured into expectation about the Q plan and we all got humbled. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a massive military operation still at play. It just means we all got sucked into the disinformation campaign component of Q.

“….” dad told us the five layers of Q:

1/ Info to US Military;

2/ Info to foreign allies; 

3/ Info to the enemy; 

4/ Info to Patriots; and 

5/ Disinformation.

Q is the perfect operation to fight a counter-insurgency. We know it now and we are realizing that we helped with the disinformation component of this plan. Unlucky us!

I get it. I live the pain every day; believe me!

But consider that disinformation is far better when millions are pushing it out on multiple platforms. We must accept our role in this war. We were tricked, but we will all be considered as patriots, eventually.

Fast forward to now: I can see nothing but winning and nothing other than a Military Operation in full cry! I also note that it is far bigger than the US and the 2020 election.

Be encouraged: Another aspect of our role from 2017-2020+ was that we also pushed out a huge amount of truth!

Q is a real (and current) back-channel MILOP. The citizens had to be involved, which is why we were told to “Learn our comms”. Maybe, we never quite did?

Consider also, that for 3 years, the POTUS never disavowed an entity that publicly posted pics of him on AF1, pictures of signed letters, quoted the POTUS – suggesting he was speaking to the people via this back-channel, sometimes offering future Government Policy, while also posting pics from the Resolute Desk. 

Everything about Q is an enormous threat to national security, IF Q is fake or if it is an enemy of the US.

It is for this reason that I KNOW that Q is real. You Patriots in the US know it more than me, because as an …., I have no “dog in the hunt”. You needed to know who you were voting for! I was just interested. Even I can discern that it is an ongoing operation.

Together we stand. We about to face something pretty wild. This is why we strategize in the background. I love you all.

So now, having been battle-hardened, every time an MSM outlet rings me for a comment, I just say: “I will lose interest in Q when the wall around DC is removed and when I get a good explanation as to why a POTUS (with max security clearance) never disavowed it.

They all go silent and then agree with me. I keep it playful and investigative.

If they get nasty, I ask why they don’t report on the research we all did and on who funded Epstein. I also let them know that we will expose them individually, as pedo-enablers. Again, they go quiet.

I agree with … about everything needing to be exposed. I think we are close to the precipice now. It is that place where those who are meant to protect the people are releasing prisoners from jail while quietly endorsing the censorship of those who cry out for justice. It is when the highest court of the land turns a blind eye to blatant fraud. It is that point of total hopelessness in the systems of earth. It is here that we all cry out to God; to justice; to hope; and for a new way that is fair and transparent.

Can we unscramble an egg? I am not sure the system is redeemable. It is when we all realize that our creation doesn’t serve us anymore, that we ask for a new way. We gave all our security away to Corporations (corpses). The entire internet can be hacked, because just about every piece of infrastructure has a back door (for maintenance and support). The Solarwinds hacking  showed us that.

This awareness ‘is’ the precipice. Other than in a spiritual sense, humanity is essentially, unprotected. That is a nasty realization.

It is also the place that Q alluded that we had to get to: That point of hopelessness where the FEMA/ Military must act when the constitutional rights to basic protection is no longer being afforded to the people. We are not far away from that point IMO. I am therefore encouraged, but also realistic about what we are navigating.”



BrunoBarking on Gab:

‘When is Biden’s SOTU speech ? 

Was rumored to be Feb 23, but Jen in a presser replied to a reporter that date was a “mystery” and she wouldn’t “nancy drew” it anymore.