Bannon is taking apart Liz Cheney limb by limb. Are you listening? I will post the segment later when it is up, but if you aren’t listening now, Whew! you are missing some fireworks!

She wants a 9-11 type commission. Bannon is shoving it down her throat. “She is detestable,” he said.


Stephen K. Bannon says it’s time to remove “war criminals” like the Cheneys from the Republican Party.

“I tell you what, in the new Republican Party let’s get rid of the war criminals first,” Bannon said. “That would be your family. Let’s get rid of the war criminals.”

“I found her detestable,” he said.

Bannon was responding to remarks Liz Cheney gave at the Reagan Library, saying she supports a 9/11-style commission for the events on Jan. 6.

“I agree with Liz Cheney,” Bannon said. “Here’s what I recommend we do as a starter. Let’s go back to the 9/11 commission and let’s unredact, let’s get the full unredacted online so everybody can look at what Saudi Arabia’s relationship…It was a bipartisan cover up.”

“Let’s start with a full and frank vetting of your father, who I consider a war criminal,” Bannon said. Watch Bannon go off on her and her father.

Political strategist and attorney Boris Epshteyn is on with Bannon. Biden’s numbers are dropping like a stone, according to Rasmussne – only 39% of Independents approve of Biden.

Joe Biden has no political capital. He’s non-existent, American people are tuning him out. Liberals too. They did a dark memorial yesterday to the covid victims and it got no coverage. No one is interested in what they do. No one was watching. Translates to low TV ratings –> no advertiser interest.

Tiger Woods: the news cycle is dead without Trump – they went wall to wall on Tiger because they need someone to attract attention to newscasts.