The People’s Whip 🇺🇸

The People need to be able to step back and say “hey Republicans, hey Democrats, you’re BOTH failing this Nation right now – the propaganda isn’t fooling us, this is the Information Age and we can do the research. We see your corruption, we see the metrics and the data, we are living the results of your constantly failing policies – 

and currently view this situation as The People vs. The Establishment. 

This was actually MAGA version 1 in 2016. 

And after 4 years, so many Americans saw the benefit of it, that they turned out en masse next go around! 

And The Establishment is so threatened by this, that members of BOTH Parental (Establishment) Parties colluded to squash it. 

That’s the reality you need to reframe to. 

You won. 

They’ll never make it easy for you in the media. They’ll never come out and state this. 

No establishment or aligned company, political figure, influencer, group, media outlet, organization- NO ONE is going to tell it to you straight like this, because they’re still trying to squash you. 

Because… “holy shit don’t encourage them! Scare them into submission!” 

I’m actually chuckling as I type this, but damn it, it’s the truth! 

It’s ridiculous how far they’ll go to try and subvert or manipulate the spirit of American Patriotism. 

Absurd, overt control methods are indicative of just how effective the People are becoming at organizing to advocate for America First over establishment greed and corruption. 🇺🇸

Psychological Conditioning Vs. Actual Reality: 

Conditioning: “No 3rd Party will ever make it! Don’t split the vote!” 

^^ This is either fear, ignorance or greed speaking (or all 3). 

Actual Reality: 

You did it and didn’t realize it cause Trump Campaign crew was that savvy. 😏

MAGA functioned beautifully as a 3rd party tool of The People to break with the traditional Republican vs. Democrat constantly bickering, baggage-ridden “Parental” party collectivist-minded establishment platforms and Whip the election under these conditions: 

1. America First 

2. Respect Framer’s Intent 

3. Facts over FAKE NEWS 

4. No baseless War/Conflict 

5. INNOVATION (literally novel across the spectrum of economics and policy issues with DJT of all people as the icing on the cake.) 

MAGA was your first generation model for The People’s Whip

And my hat’s off to The Trump Administration – for discretely hijacking the GOP and showing us ALL that a Party Platform which advocates for We The People and truly puts America First was actually possible sans Presidential assassination (RIP JFK). 

Perhaps now you realize exactly how monumental this is.

But we still have work to do yet. 

We have election integrity to fix and we need to plan a way to solidify the Party accountability function that MAGA demonstrated so effectively. 

Why? Three reasons primarily: 

1. Half the people still have no idea WTF actually happened. [Good thing we live in a Digital age and can begin to rectify this.]

2. Those who do know are still disorganized, and struggling to break patterns of Parental Party

co-dependency. Yes, I said it.


They’re still trying to choose between life with Mom or Dad (GOP & Dem) in 2024. 

Time will tell, but that may not be the best option because #3 

3. GOP Rhino’s haven’t taken kindly to being hijacked by OG POTUS45, and their corrupt collusion with Democrat collectivist brethren has become painfully apparent. 

[Friendly reminder to any creeping on this channel – 

Rhino’s are endangered species.]

It’s vital for the future of American Continuity to research all facts and objectively consider all options that emphasize Framer’s Intent, America First values, and transparency of data/policy over bias and greed-laced corruption, and then when it’s time – Unify for the solution. 

Time will tell, but this may mean breaking from traditional parent GOP or Democrat Parties once again in the future – especially if the Parent Parties can’t get their act together and put the People and the interests of this Nation first…. If so, then so be it.