He’s going to do it – destroy the filibuster rule.

“In order to give the appearance of his opposition to this move, despite his years of working earnestly toward it, McConnell will exit very soon after the filibuster is eliminated.  He will then blame the elimination of the filibuster as the excuse for his departure.  This is the Machiavellian way he operates.” — The Conservative Treehouse

By Radiopatriot

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  1. WE need our Powerful people in office to get some legal charges filed against Mitch McConnell to keep him from WALKING AWAY from his crimes against the citizens of the United States. He needs to be held in office and in the US to be fully charged.
    We will all sign petitions and statements showing his abuses of power. Who can get this started? We know who our heroes are.. we must start somewhere as citizens against Political Abuse.

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