A Delaware judge revoked my pro hac vice license preventing me from representing Dr. Carter Page. No complaint had been filed against me – the Judge acted sua sponte (on his own).

One of the grounds of revocation was based on mistakes in pleadings in cases in other states filed by lawyers working with Sidney Powell (I love Sidney). I did not draft those pleadings and the mistakes were corrected when brought to the lawyers’ attention. 

The only other ground relied upon to revoke my pro hac was for filing a “baseless” claim in my lawsuit against the Georgia Secretary of State. I was the plaintiff in that case. The lawsuit was drafted and filed by a lawyer I hired to research and pursue the issue. 

The propriety of that lawsuit was recognized by Justice Clarence Thomas in his recent well-reasoned dissent in the election cases. 

Now below is a recent quote by a former high ranking government official that embodies the same principle pursued by me as a GA plaintiff and recognized as correct by Justice Thomas:

“Many of the most troubling voting irregularities took place in states that set aside laws enacted by state legislatures in favor of sweeping changes ordered by governors, secretaries of state, and courts.”

Oh, I forgot to tell you the name of the former high ranking government officials whose quote supported the position I took in the case I filed in Georgia:

Former Vice President Mike PENCE.

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