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From my notes of Nov. 13, 2016 – George Webb reports

WHY is Eric Braverman still missing? For the same reason Chris Stevens and Marc Turi are dead.

FOX NEWS, May 2015

Because of arms deal that Marc Turi did. Arms go to Qatar and then shipped (Stinger missiles and Sarin) to Libya, the after Libyan government is toppled for Sid Blumenthal and his investment consortium, the arms are then shipped to Syria. These are points of entry for the weapons: Borj Islam and Banias.

Two months after Amb. Stevens is killed, NYT’s James Risen (Dec. 5 2012) quotes arms dealer:

Libyan Arms dealer Marc Turi case. KKR Global Initiative packages arms deals for MiddleEast governments. KKR’s president is Neil Brown, Eric Braverman’s husband. (They were introduced to each other by Chelsea Clinton.) Also conneected KKR are David Petraeus and Henry Kissinger.

Who is Neil Brown? Protegé of ex-US Senator Richard Lugar and later, David Petraeus (who is suspected of adding CHEMICAL weapons to the Zero Footprint deal.) Brown is an oil guy. KKR got oil concessions from different countries (example: Mexico and Gulf oil leases.) Later, fracking shale.

Seymour Hersch reported about the arms deal ratline from Libya to Syria in 2014. Stingers and sarin gas were the precursors. Qatar wanted a pipeline from Syria to Bulgaria.

Syria is not a NATO country and can be toppled using Suni rebels by arming them, which is what we (US govt) did. But most of the arms instead went to ISIS. The next step after toppling Syria was a plan to topple Turkey which is a NATO country.

Tom Nides of the US State Dept., a resource expert, admitted that everyone invovled in the Hillary/Huma email thing did not have State Dept. emails, a violation of the Federal Records Act. He’s planting stories at CNN with his wife Virginia Mosely who works there, and constantly sending stories to Podesta in the Podesta emails.

This isn’t supposed to be how government works. You don’t plant stories with news agencies and or the party that you like. You’re a servant of the government and you protect those record for the government.

State Dept. employees with Gmail accounts: Phillippe Reines and Andrew Shapiro. Correspondence flowed between these two and Reines would dump them to Huma’s server.

In or around Dec. 2012, US rep. Darrel Issa writes request for HRC’s emails. In 2013, attorney Kadzik (who went to college with John Podesta and has saved him from prison) is appointed to the DOJ and the cover-up begins.

Hillary doubled arms sales while Sec. of State. She approved $165BN in arms sales to 20 countries. She approved $151BN in KKR-brokered deals to 16 countries. Donations to the Clinton Foundation from both Middle East countries and arms manufacturers (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Boeing [jets], Raytheon [drones UAVs], and Lockheed.)

They were also selling arms to the Suni and Shia tribes to create more demand with the kings. Key fixer for arms deals was Phillippe Reines.

Stinger missile deal to Libya and Syria – there’s a case for this at DOJ, so there are records of this.

Arms Sold to King of Morocco for $12m, along with phosphate for $16m.

Kadzik cover-up continues, setting Marc Turi up for guilty. Marc Turi revelations of stingers to Libya and Syria were revealed to FOX News in May, 2015. At the same time, Huma destroyed the State Department schedules.

Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix.

On June 29, 2016, Kadzik updates on guilty plea for Marc Turi. Kadzik pays $675,000 bribe to FBI’s Andy McCabe for surveillance on Turi and Braverman. Turi refuses to take the Guilty plea and as of Oct. 5, 2016 has disappeared.

Most of the arms deals money went through Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and right before the election, the money had to be dumped into the Clinton Foundation to cover the arms bribes that were off the books and hidden because of the released Wikileak docs. On Oct. 5, 2016, Clinton Foundation refiles taxes, discloses arms deals and CGI transfer.

Eric Braverman, Oct. 22, 2016, realizes he’s now the fall-guy for the Clinton Foundation when Wikileaks released the “smoking gun” email from John Podesta telling Neera Tanden that Eric Braverman was the leaker (to Wikileaks) about the financial swap. Braverman had been under surveillance since May 2015, so that anyone and everyone Braverman has talked to along the way — well, it’s not a good story for those folks either.

Wikileaks founder Gavin McFayden dies on Oct. 22. Wikileaks NY contact Michael Ratner died in May. And the London Wikileaks lawyers was hit by a train in August. (Dead men don’t talk.)

Braverman (panicked) goes to the Russian Embassy on Oct. 23, 2016 to seek asylum, and days later does not show up for a scheduled meeting on Oct. 30th.

——– Dec. 16, 2016 ——–

“Follow the money, arms & oil”

Reference Peter Dale Scott: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia was a big triangle and it keeps repeating. You take drug money and use it to buy embargoed oil, you sell that at a profit on the spot market, and then you buy weapons and give them to your friends to run a country.

The State Dept. info can be extremely valuable to helping drug, arms, and money launderers. For instance, if you have a friend like Marc Rich, you can tell him in a meeting that there’s a loophole here for buying embargoed oil, and just name the other commodity you can use to buy it. And then you go to someone like Bilal Erdogan, the son of the president of Turkey, who owns a shipping company, get him to pick up the oil and take it to Turkey to be re-marketed all over the world and sold at a profit.

By doing it that way, it’s no longer embargoed. As well, you can go to a drug smuggler who is running a protection racket for a drug ratline in Pakistan and the same thing — you can get money from him by getting him to invest in this kind of thing.

So how does this information get relayed? They have these C-3 meetings which are Consultation, Command, and Control meetings with NATO partners. (Photo: Here’s Bob Kovach, Defense Trade Controls Managing Director, meeting with the folks in Turkey in 2009.) And that’s how folks like Bilal Erdogan deliberately get info like “you can use gold to buy embargoed oil in Iraq.” And then leave the meeting. It doesn’t mean Robert Kovach is involved in smuggling. It just means he just gave this guy a great way of making money.

Defense Trade & Regional Security Team; State Dept. NATO Command, Control

Undersecretary – Ellen Tauscher

PM Ass’t Sec. – Andrew Shapiro

DAS for Defense Trade/ Regional Security – Beth McCormick

DTC Licensing – Kevin Mahoney

DTC Policy – Chuck Shotwell

DTC Compliance – Lisa Studtman

Director Regional Security & Arms Transfer – Richard Sacks

Bill Clinton pardoned fugitive financier Marc Rich in 2001 after Rich’s ex-wife Denise donated $450,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton later called it a mistake, but friends of Rich continued to reward President Clinton for his actions for years afterward, including Beth Dozoretz, another key friend of Rich and who worked on the Hillary 2008 campaign.

Sergei Kurzin, Marc Rich’s protegé, does mineral deals. A Russian engineer who worked with Rich to look for investments after the fall of the USSR. Gave $1m to the Clinton Foundation even as he was involved in controversial deals for Russia to acquire uranium production in the United States.

Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-Nigerian businessman who sold oil on international markets with Marc Rich. Was convicted of charges related to the looting of Nigeria under the dictatorship of Sani Abacha. Through it all, he gave generously to the Clintons, pledging $1BN to the Clinton Foundation and donating to Hillary’s 2008 run. Hillary wanted to build a State Dept. office complex in Nigeria. Chagoury has done many deals with them.

So What’s in these emails?

Huma’s and Phillippe’s 650,000 emails — arms deals (daily briefings, assessments). Just as you look at the email trail between Hillary and Sid Blumenthal, you’re going to see that type of info.

The Stinger missiles deal to Syria and Libya – the only reason that got out is because when you fire one, sometimes they don’t go off or blow up properly, leaving behind serial numbers that reveal they weren’t made in Aleppo.

The King of Morocco gave a $28m bribe to the Clinton Foundation. Instead of depositing it into the Foundation, it can be run through the oil wheel a couple of times and turned into $100m and THEN put it into the Foundation. All they have to do is bundle it with a donation.

The State Dept. got rid of all the “good guys” when Hillary took over, taking over the USAID and used it to run guns in Turkey. She also took over the department that does all the arms approvals and basically brokered all the arms deals. Another part of State controls embargoed oil, so they made deals there as well.

So Who are the key players?

Mike Morell, key guy on the CIA side (black ops), he testified at Benghazi hearing in place of Petraeus.

Gen. Dave Petraeus, on the board of KKR (Eric Braverman’s husband Neil Brown’s firm)

Petraeus to Morell to Blumenthal to Hillary. “The idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered.” (email from Hillary to Jake Sullivan at State Dept.)

At the center of this is KKR — State Dept. (Hillary) approves $165 BN in arms sales to 20 countries. $151BN in KKR-brokered arms packages to 16 countries.

Phillippe Reines is the key fixer for arms deals – gets approved arms export licenses from Andrew Shapiro (who becomes head of DDTC in June 2009 and is in place for a Honduran coup one week after he takes over as head of DDTC, replacing Dennis Ross who leaves State Dept.), doing arms export licenses required for arms to be sold and brought to another country, to Jerry Bush who provides the cover stories.

Investment flow: State Dept. Tom Nides —>CNN —>Podesta—>ABC

World events create opportunities for investments. Another method: bundle bribes and money through Hollywood stars. Example: $28M from the King of Morocco divided among 28 “stars’ who “pay” to go to a dinner to rub elbows with Hillary and Bill. The money is then covered as a donation from Hollywood stars, using their names as a wash-through.

Why did Chris Stevens die in the Benghazi deal? More on that in my next installment.

Meanwhile, George is still gumshoeing it. Here’s his latest.


Webb reports there is a big push by NATO to scrub any traces of Jeff Epstein’s DynCorp Flights – Bio Spraying Seems To Be Unpopular Subject Now With NATO – Part One

[Transcribed by Connie Bevan March 8th, 2021]

Hello, this is George Webb, I’m an Investigative Journalist in the Washington DC area…

You can get this explanation in my books Awan Minutes Past Midnight or Blackberries Matter that kind of tell a longer timeline, and the other books [total of 12] are more a slice of the timeline that you see here with different folks that have come in and out of the investigation…

But this will give you a good overview of beginning-to-end how this whole thing came about. 

And really this started in 2016 with the Clinton Foundation seemingly stealing the election from Bernie [Sanders], hiding a whole bunch of money from dark weapons folks, from people that were doing nasty things, which I called “ratlines,” all over the world.

These are companies including DynCorp that we focused on. And they had a relationship with Jeff Epstein, and there are all these [aircraft] tail numbers Jeff Epstein had and seemed to be flying all kinds of contraband over the Mexican border, aerial spraying stuff all over Africa, and then spraying stuff in various places in the Middle East. He had Saudi Arabian passports and he seemed to be training these pilots in Florida and seemed very connected, all the way from 9/11 to the aerial spraying of, I believe, precursors of the coronavirus in China.

From <https://twitter.com/RealGeorgeWebb1/status/1368931340167577602>

Part 2

This whole story is connected by DynCorp, Jeff Epstein, and the close relationship with the Clinton Foundation using Jeff Epstein to topple countries, sort of as a cut-out for the State Department [doing] things the State Department and the CIA don’t want to do, which is the aerial spraying of bioweapons. 

And since the world is potentially under the crush of bioweapons right now, it’s worth looking at the roots of DynCorp and Epstein and the coronavirus.  (DynCorp

I was behind the camera for the first 100 days. I basically was focusing on how DynCorp was spraying in South America and Central America and Haiti with Epstein.

We talked a lot about Europe and EUCOM, and how the European Command, as far as NATO was concerned was a partnership in Europe, seemed to be doing [biochemical] spraying in Libya and Syria. 

We talked about Sudan. We talked about Nigeria, the Congo, all these African countries [as] the bioweapon’s testing [ground]. 

And, I guess, the point where we were looking at Ukraine. Ukraine mainly being the place where these things were, these viruses and bioweapons were being amplified. There’s this guy named Mogilevich that we talked about. Later on Kolomoisky, who has now been censured by the Biden Institute. 

But the idea was that NATO was the outsourcer of this stuff. NATO was the one doing all the research.

Later we identified the Erasmus Lab as doing this Gain of Function research that Bill Gates sponsored in a lab in Rotterdam. 

But at that time we’d only identified Christopher Stevens and Carter Page as people moving this stuff around in Libya and Syria, and around Africa. 

So the big idea here was that the DoD, the Department of Defense, had moved this. This is in my Somewhere Under The Lockdown book. They moved this capability over to NATO and NATO had, in turn, moved it to Ukraine, a partner country that wasn’t under the rigors and controls and regulations of NATO.

From <https://twitter.com/RealGeorgeWebb1/status/1368932757204795394

BACKGROUND: From my personal notes of George Webb’s earliest investigative reports dating back to 2013 and 2016.

Cliff Notes on News Analysis Series, “Where is Eric Braverman?” >>>> George Webb’s Thesis on Clinton Foundation’s Empire-Building Activities, Racketeering, and Corruption (Part 1)

Eric Braverman, former CEO of the Clinton Foundation is allegedly a missing person.

The interest in this figure stems from the Wikileaks Podesta Emails, in which we discovered that Eric Braverman went to the press, and told them to “follow the money” to find out the true crimes of the Clinton Foundation. Follow the money will lead you to the arms, that will lead you to the oil[1].
In an email conversation between Neera Tanden and John Podesta, Tanden warns John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band” who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and find the real HRC scandal”. Podesta replied with the true identity of the mole: Eric Braverman.[2]
A member of wikileaks and mentor of Assange’s strangely dies on Oct 22 and Braverman allegedly went to the Russian embassy for asylum. This is unconfirmed (correct me if I’m wrong). We haven’t heard from him since. Although there seems to be some small evidence an email between his account and another of the homosexual Braverman’s husband, uncovered by George Webb, that indicates he’s in hiding.
George Webb’s thesis is that Hillary, Gen. Petraeus, Joe Biden, a “senators’ oil club” and Hillary Loyalists such as John Podesta used their political influence and close tetherings to people in the Intelligence community / National Security Council, the US military, and defense contractors to run a “counterterrorism” proxy war in Syria (ISIS) using funding stolen from a toppled and politically-controlled Libya, to build a pipeline from Saudi to Turkey, as a large Gladio-like NATO conspiracy to overthrow Assad, lean on Turkey to force a pipeline to Europe through their country to Greece using the Clinton Foundation, political elitists and international banks to launder money and make covert deals.
Generally speaking, this exposition of NATO criminal empire-building has been similarly explored by Sibel Edmonds of user-funded startup NewsBud in collaboration with James Corbett of user-funded CorbettReport.com in their description of so-called “Gladio II”. Please consider supporting all three researchers so they can continue doing their important research.

Cliff Notes to “Where is Eric Braverman?
• [Day 53 of Wbb’s reports].
• The five steps Hillary had planned with Petraeus:
• Step 1: Get Gaddafi‘s 20k stingers $1B, use to release assets of 30B of cash, Sell oil rights
• Step 2: Topple Gaddafi, get access to 265B in Swiss Accounts
• Step 3: Take Stingers to Syria to Muslim brotherhood, and establish a truck line of oil; but Amb. Christopher Stevens death upset this plan
• Step 4: Aleppo Gas Attack, Obama Bombs, Ghouta Gas Attack 1200 people killed; Sarin testing at British / (Questionable) Porton Down Lab
• Step 5: NATO Turkey Coup, pipeline (didn’t happen)
• Mentions “Zero Footprint” (Petraeus’ nation toppling formula)
• Mentions Operation Odyssey Dawn — taking over the rest of Libya
• Follow Money, Arms and Oil (later: and Children)

•   [Day 54]
•   A focus on HSBC, James Comey, Counterinsurgency;
•   "Senators' Oil Club" including Joe Biden;
•   Clinton arms dealing; Exiled rubber stamper;
•   ISIS using gas masks and Atropine (antidote);
•   FBI violating Fair Records Act (FARA)

•   [Day 55]
•   Braverman went to the press. "Follow the money". It leads you to the arms and it leads you to the oil.
•   Clinton Foundation and Hillary leads you to David Petreaus in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Hillary was Sec of State. Arms leads you to KK&R, where Petraeus is the Chairman of KKR Global Institute of NY and to Henry Kissinger's protege Neil Brown (Eric Braverman's husband), also involved in Clinton Foundation and also missing.
•   Braverman "drills down on donors".
•   George Webb discusses: "Fyi, the idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered" email from Sid Blumenthal

•   [Day 56]
•   Discusses now-missing Neil Brown.
•   Discusses how Sid Blumenthal created Osprey, the "Clinton Foundation Army" (CFA) run by "SASC" (US)Senators Oil Club;
•   Clinton communicates with Petraeus over Gmail; claims they hired Turkish Intelligence.
•   Eva Bartlett, Journalist, says ISIS is using people of Allepo as human shields.
•   He mentions Seymour Hersh's article **Red Line and Rat Line* -- a discussion of the oil rat line from Libya to Syria[12][13][14][15][16][17]
•   He mentions a NYT article that reveals Clinton-McCain[{SOURCE?}] connection to Timber Sycamore (a scheme to topple Syria)
•   He mentions James Comey prosecuting the Clinton-Rich connection for an entire career, 33 yrs, and never having "Quite Enough Evidence" (ie: he's a legal limited hangout, aka a "weasel")
•   Andrew McCabe's meteoric rise and his career of obstruction
•   J. Kerry used Huma Abedin emails to negotiate Iran hostage
•   FBI wants 5 yrs to process the Records; the 14 Gmail accounts are not government accounts and these are all felonies so they must release them under FARA records.
•   What's in the 650,000 emails? Investment club Generals, politicians, middle east and sub saharan arms deals; including UAV startups; plans to blow up countries as a marketing tool for selling new arms like UAVs

•   [Day 57] -- [pt2]
•   "Zero Footprint" is General Petraeus' plan to take the oil, also a term for asset management and loss prevention
•   Found chemical weapons in Allepo--attacks on civilians by rebels; Eric Schmitt of NYT's article "ISIS has used chemical weapons at least 52 times"
•   Allepo's evidence sent to World Court Hague because it's a violation of international treaties to use chemical weapons
•   Chemical gas attacks were done along the pipeline to clear out people living there
•   Mike Morell working for Petraeus on the Gas attack plan. (Michael Joseph Morell is an American former career intelligence analyst. He served as the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2010 to 2013 and twice as its acting director, first in 2011 and then from 2012 to 2013. Previously as a CIA analyst he served as presidential daily briefer to George W. Bush)
•   Turkish intelligence working with this team tried to pin it on Assad in order to induce a NATO force (ie: US military) response
•   Obama had gas tested in British lab Porton Down, found out it was Libyan not Syrian-made and hence the narrative of Assad using it against his people fell apart, something discussed by an article by Seymour Hersh banned in the US [18]
•   Obama meets with Turkish intelligence director Erdogan, who--if I understand what George is saying--was trying to get Obama to bomb Syria for its own ends but Obama at this point was warned by his security council that proceeding with his ambitious bombing strategy would lead to a huge war in the face of blatant disinfo. 
•   They go ahead with a massive attack in Ghouta
•   Discusses Neil Brown Greek pipeline