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Everybody (“good” and “bad”) is watching these social media sites to gauge reactions and mood.

Trump can’t make it seem like he’s any part of what will happen when the fraudulent election is reversed.


I spoke with a physician today who specializes in prosthetics and works at our local VA hospital. Says he’s certain that Joe Biden is rapidly descending into Altzheimer’s. When I asked him to clarify if that included dementia, he repeated, “Altzheimers.” This physician is Harvard med grad, circa 1982.

50% of Americans Say Biden Not ‘Physically, Mentally’ Fit for Presidency. – The National Pulse
The findings come from a March 9th, 2021 Rasmussen report which links the astoundingly low confidence in President Biden to his lack of transparency with the…


Met Loesch once. That’s all it took to size her up. She was rude and self-centered. Later, she joined Glenn Beck in quite publicly standing against Trump for President. So this doesn’t surprise me. Grifter is an accurate term for both her and her husband. They’re quite a pair…

NeverTrump Super Beets Grifter Dana Loesch Threatens To Treat Eric Greitens Like Trump In MO Senate Primary.

Radio host Dana Loesch threatened to “never let the [Republican] party live down” if Eric Greitens were to run for a Missouri Senate seat – eerily similar to her 2016 Never Trump stance.

In 2016, the Super Beets spokeswoman appeared on the cover of National Review’s “Against Trump” edition.

And as highlighted by National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, the move demonstrates “Conservative Inc threaten[ing] to do to Greitens what they tried to do with Trump.”

And despite Loesch’s clear anti-Trump position, she accused Kassam of not being “in the street with us in 08, 09.”

In 08, Kassam has just graduated from college in London, England. Shortly after he launched one of the most successful anti-Islamist entities in the Western world, going on to act as senior advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage and editor of Breitbart’s London bureau. Loesch has been selling beet supplements.

Loesch later accused Kassam of being “Cocktail Inc,” despite Kassam noting his status of “persona non grata at her CPAC cocktail parties and Heritage grift events.”

The National Pulse