Ziegler writes on his TELEGRAM page:

The Deep State and traitors within the intel community are hoping that Mark Meadows or another zero is the COS in a second Trump term, which he would win by millions (if we have a legitimate election!)

It’s not just that Meadows doesn’t know the answers. That’s obvious. It’s that Mark doesn’t even know the questions. The deep state and IC are playing chess and he has no idea how even checkers works.

We need men who can understand the breadth and depth of the criminal enterprise running our country. We don’t need men who get on their knees for John Boehner. (Yes, that happened. Look it up)

Remember that Pence was the original Judas to Gen Flynn.

In any epoch of history you will discover that people who you thought were above board turn out to be conniving and/or greedy careerists. It’s part of the journey. But doesn’t make it any less of a travesty.

Each of us will lose something. Some of us will lose friends, or people who you thought were behind you. The John Jay Institute, where I was previously a Fellow, submitted to the mob and removed my name from their website. The cowardice of people will be exposed, which is the only good thing really about our present discontents.

We are feeding into the Junta’s plan if we begin to be Demoralized. Demoralization is a key part of the Long March through the Institutions. I am simply going to bring you the Truth, from my perch as a former mid-level WH staffer under Trvmp. I’m not promising to know all of the details about the current, bizzare buildup of NG troops in DC, for example. The first thing I want to talk about is the CDC:

This is the kind of work I was trying to do; this email was to the CDC Director and the Deputy COS at HHS. Your tax dollars are CURRENTLY funding grants to the Chinese CDC. Nothing was done. We tried calling Redfield, who is literally aloof—a Grandpa who doesn’t have a clue!

The point in these releases is not to demoralize you in the slightest; it should motivate us. We all need to recognize that almost EVERY SINGLE INSTITUTION in our federal government is captured. If you want to learn more about regulatory capture, please read more from George Stigler. Is that to say each and every employee at CDC is terrible? No. But it means, in its current manifestation, the CDC is literally unsalvageable.
When we realize the true extent of the corruption, and refuse to continue being lied to by the political class and the forces that fund it, only then can we know how the machinery works. Which is what should have been done during Trvmp’s presidency, but was blocked by the same establishment forces that fought him so hard in the campaign, the Russian Witch Hunt, and the Sham Impeachment.
The BLUF is this: The Establishment, led by Nancy and Mitch, and the entire GOP, really abandoned the President.

So who is Garrett? In his own words:

I was a mid-level WH staffer for nearly two years, working in the very lean but capable Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. The former Director was the President’s top WH trade adviser, and it was a whale of a time. Someone once said that WH years are like dog years, and I tend to agree w that.
I was one of the half-dozen Trvmp loyalists in the WH, and that caused me to meet Mr Wood a few months back. He is a very kind and brave man, hated by all the right people, who loves this Country. I understand most of you were sent to my channel by his kind words.
Over the next period of time, I’m going to use this to let the People know exactly what occurred during the Coup, now that my muzzle is off.
I’ll be posting links to interviews I do, as well as my other observations.
I’m moving my wife, who is due in May, back to central IL (where my family has been for 8 generations), and we are very glad abt that.