Written by “Fire:”

I find it amazing people who have been following Q for days, months, or almost 4 years can really be bitching right now. If the theory is correct that this plan has been in the works since JFK can you even IMAGINE how some of those guys feel? 50+ years???

Are we also forgetting OUR job? We are the news now? Redpill as much as possible? To have faith?

Speaking of faith have we forgotten GOD WINS?!? God’s plan is perfect.

I’m not saying I don’t have my moments of frustration but I sure as hell do not put them out there for others to read. ESPECIALLY knowing we have a LOT of new people searching for truth on here!

If you’re looking for a glimmer of hope then look at the massive flow of news coming out every day. Spread that news. There is so much happening right now that many people are ignoring.

There are comms every single day. Watch the armed forces Twitter accounts, Dan Scavino (FB, Twitter, and IG), Pompeo, and more!

So many people are still sleep walking. Many of them will NEVER wake up. But anyone who knows just how dangerous it is to wake a sleep walker up knows how hard and devastating this is gonna be for the ones that will and are waking up.

Please be patient. Please pray when you are losing your shit. Open your Bible if you need hope. Genesis 1:1 is about the beginning and end! If none of those solutions help you, then pick a topic and research until you can’t read another word.

We need to be the ones who have hope for the ones who will or do think there is no hope. Can you imagine the people waking up or who will wake up finding out the man they have been told to hate for over 5 years is actually the GOOD guy? Cognitive dissonance is gonna be painful for them.

So PLEASE stay hopeful. Research, read, pray, and be positive! If you don’t understand something then ask questions.

Where We Go One We Go All!❤️
Not just a catch phrase😉


Martin Geddes writes:

Don’t be a nincompoop — THE BEST HAS JUST BEGUN! Yesterday was “go!” time.

March madness. End of winter, arrival of spring. Easter coming next month, rebirth of humanity. And people are moaning! Wake up! The things you have been waiting for are now here. Giving up just as you reach the winning line makes you look even dumber than those who refused to run the race and saved their energies.

Weed, decaf coffee, bourbon, all the Psalms, every Enya album played back to back — whatever it is that you need to calm your anxiety and reground yourself, do it. This virtual foxhole is for people who are focused on defeating evil, not those who are complaining about the discomfort.

Read the book of Esther. The 17th book of the Bible. If that doesn’t give you a hope for the plan, go back to sleep and continue to be a normie.

Evil still has assets and power. They can do harm. There is a plan. There will be casualties. Everything has a purpose. Local optimisation is deadly. Only the end goal matters.

Having been a faith-filled Patriot all the way, switching to the faithless dangerous moron tribe at the last minute is pure tragedy. Good wins!