A conversation among three people that I read late last night was in response to a post at Re5iGam Channel that I cannot find this morning. Perhaps it was removed, or maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. But I was able to save the conversation to my phone. In its entirety…

I feel your pain, ESPECIALLY when it comes to “navigating the disinformation from our own side.” I will say that this specifically has forced me to stop even attempting to relay most information now. Well, except for the factual news RE CEOs stepping down, all the “sudden” and “mysterious” deaths, and all the election fraud, human trafficking, and child abuse/porn arrests. But perhaps even that is intentional? After all, it is really our biggest clue to the fact that “the plan” is really unfolding, and it is arguably the most important information we could share. And although not for the Leftists’ base (because they don’t know the truth), it is proof for us that [they] are not really in control.

No doubt that “enduring the incessant lies”, “enduring the stupidity”, and “enduring the fecklessness on the right” is painfully difficult (especially the hatred that our fellow Americans–including most of my family–have for Trump), so I simply stopped reading/watching most of that stuff when I can help it. I also wonder how many of the comments on social media are actually bots. But either way, I know that by the time this has all unraveled most of us WILL BE UNITED. (I believe Q said that only 4-6% would remain forever lost.)

I do believe the “fecklessness on the right” is acting, and thus part of the show. Remembering that fact makes it less upsetting for me. Imo it’s simply to show the sleeping people that it’s not about Democrat vs Republican and that both sides have evil within them. It took me awhile to get there, but now (assuming that what I believe is true, and everything had been mostly handled long ago and everyone is now simply acting to wake people up) I look at the fecklessness as having a dual purpose: To wake people up to the fact that both sides contain evil, and to have those guilty individuals reveal exactly who and what they are. With that in mind, I can now laugh at the feckless things [they] do and say because now I can clearly see whose been flipped or otherwise dealt with and I get to watch [them] (or their double, or a CGI them, or an actor with a mask, or whatever the heck it is that’s going on lately 🤷🏻‍♀️) make imo intentional fools of themselves. I see it both as a first step of punishment and as a last good deed to destroy themselves along with the party prior to the curtain closing.

I’ll have to look up James Trafficant, as I don’t know who that is.

As far as “Why the hell didn’t any member of congress rip Chris Wray a new one over his ‘no evidence of Antifa’ bs?!?!” I believe for the same reasons. Imo whether white, grey, or black hat, they’re all following a script and doing exactly as they’re told.

Q said something to the effect that when this is all over and we realize what we actually witnessed we’d be amazed by it all. So I ignore the haters when possible, share only the factual news, and try to laugh at all the fecklessness by viewing it as comedy instead, because who in their right mind would actually do and say all those things publicly?!?! (At least not if they planned to stick around).

Regardless, I do hope that this movie ends much sooner rather than later!

You’re most welcome, and thank you for your time and energy as well, Patriot.

God Bless and Godspeed 🙏🏻❤🇺🇸

thanks for the great & very thoughtful response. 🙏🏻

You make some great points. I agree w/ you (or speculate similarly) that a large percentage of online discourse is bots. nevertheless, those bots function just like real people in our national discourse—so I pray that a solution emerges to drastically mitigate their effects. (I don’t know how to begin solving that one… but hopefully the NSA does. Maybe a reliable/accurate detection algorithm paired with a “this comment originated from a bot” designator so that people can not only know that it’s a bot, but also so people can take into account the content which the humans behind the bot designed it to propagate… plus an option on websites to show or hide bot comments.)

I certainly see what you’re saying re: scripted nature of both sides. The problem I have with that is that the left is bad enough without a script—so if the notion that there was any coercion/scripting of their behavior ever becomes popular, it will work against us, rather than for us. (e.g., “Those Democrats only said/did those things bc they were forced to by evil fascists…”) Also: testimony under oath in front of Congress ought to be sacrosanct (not prone to shenanigans). I know it’s never that way anyway, but I nevertheless object to our side participating in it.

So much of what we see of our government could be CGI. I started saying to people ~5-6 years ago: “at what point do we start seriously considering whether our government is just a tv show” (a la the Truman Show). The fake “we got bin Laden” crowd in front of the WH (2012) is one example.

I guess one thing really driving my frustration these days is the COVID nonsense. I can’t go get a carton of milk without entering someone else’s weirdo psycho drama where we act like we both might have leprosy and that a hanging piece of plexiglass between us might save our lives. In other words: I’m used to the insanity emanating from our government, but that was sort of “isolated” from day-to-day life bc of everyone else’s cluelessness / obliviousness; whereas now, I can’t walk down the street without thinking about far humanity has strayed from even the most rudimentary sense of reason.

To close on a positive topic: James Trafficant was one of a kind, and imho, an American hero. Ironically, he was Democrat (congressman from Youngstown, OH). He wore bellbottoms, had a toupee and was famous for his colorful speeches on the floor where he would rant about the insanity of government (“beam me up, Scotty”). He singlehandedly saved the homes of thousands of Americans by spearheading the reform of the IRS-led foreclosure racket (shifting the burden of proof to them and consequently greatly diminishing their ability to take people’s homes away from them). He was censured by his peers (a badge of honor) for corruption that he did not commit—and when given choice between admitting to something he didn’t do so he could stay free—or refusing to admit to the lies and go to federal prison—he said (paraphrasing) “send me away & lock me up.” He was in the pen for several years, and died in a “tractor accident” shortly after he was released. He also gave a speech on the floor of congress which (to my knowledge) is the only speech you can’t find record of on C-Span archives (they edited it out) in which he explained that our government is a government in name only, that our original government went bankrupt, was in receivership to its creditors (the banking cabal), was now actually a corporation, and that the members of congress were in actuality, trustees whose primary loyalty was to these creditors—not to the people they supposedly represent. (you can imagine why this speech has been scrubbed… but he wrote a book in which he included the transcript). God bless him!

btw, I couldn’t remember “trustee” so I did a quick search for bankruptcy law and just learned that if/when a company comes out of bankruptcy, the ticker symbol under which their old common stock will be subsequently traded will end in “Q.”

Donald Trump’s election was a complete surprise. They lost four important years in their timeline.

To counter it, they planned to get him out of office and frame him for corruption and collusion which then they would use as a pretext to lock us down hard. When that didnt work, they moved to bring us to our knees by their proxy,NK. Again—FAIL.

Next plan— kill us through another depression and then Follow it with internal civil war. Around the globe, that was then plan. Ultimately—bring us to heel “heal” by nuclear warheads while they retreated to the underground cities they built for themselves with our tax dollars.

—They would kill all of us if they had the chance. That is the purpose of their existence. They hate us for our ability to love, laugh, worship— they abuse their own children to beat this humanity out of them. They are demonic.

They use children torture, rape, murder, etc to create a blackmail industry that then serves to create their slaves in our US Congress, Supreme Court, FBI, and all over companies, state and local governments, postal service, school boards— they own every power position of importance.

They pumped money into our system purposefully to devalue our dollar so badly we have lost nearly all of our wealth. They manipulated everything to gain stock market wind (Buffett is no Oracle). They built companies to spy on us in order to control us. They bought media and movie studios to keep us asleep and stupid. They built the US dept of education to hijack our education and brainwash our children.

They nearly did it— but they failed. They failed because no one beats God.