New Trump statement: “I do not support RINOs and fools… our country is being destroyed by the Democrats.”

Nearly 50 days into the Biden Administration and we’re seeing a radical agenda: equity replacing equality; approval of race-based college admissions; open borders; and mass amnesty.

This is the future Never Trump conservatives asked for. Don’t let them forget it.

Conservatives for Normalcy

We’ve had our own return to “normalcy” post-Trump. In fact, getting back to “normalcy” was one of the biggest Never-Trump arguments against Trump – and for Biden. Retired Navy Admiral William McRaven said that we needed a leader who would restore civility and “stand up to tyranny.” The normalcy of America to fight wars everywhere in the world.

Michael Gerson, a George W. Bush policy advisor speechwriter who was responsible for some of the most egregious propaganda that got us into the Iraq War, argued that conservative support for Biden was necessary because “the restoration of institutions often requires the knowledge and skills of an insider.” 

A restoration of institutional normal. Restoration to what, though?

The institutions were damaged by the institutions well before Donald Trump became president. The FBI and CIA were disgraced by 9/11. The FBI and CIA were further humiliated by the intelligence failures leading up to the Iraq War. Hillary Clinton’s State Department was self-dealing. Back in 2015, Dr. Larry Nassar (of USA Olympics) was under FBI investigation for sexual abuse of minor children. The FBI and local US Attorney’s Office did nothing to prevent Dr. Nassar from continuing “to have access to girls and young women” at Michigan State University, a local gymnastics gym, and a nearby high school.

Finally, as we’ve written about ad nauseam, the FBI broke laws and lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in its efforts to spy on the Trump Campaign.


JUST IN – FBI releases new video footage of suspect who placed two pipe bombs at RNC, DNC night before Capitol riot.