Democrats’ ‘COVID Stimulus Bill’ Erases San Francisco’s Debt for Speaker Pelosi and Eliminates New York State’s Fiscal Year Budget Deficit for Senate Leader Schumer 

  • The Democrats’ COVID Stimulus Bill does little to address the hardships Americans endured over the past year due to government shutdowns but it does do much to pay off or keep Democrat city and state governments afloat for the foreseeable future.
  • Although the Democrats’ ‘COVID stimulus bill’ does little for the common man or the business owner who was forced to shut down their small business due to Democrat mandates, the bill does help some poorly managed Democrat city and state governments stay afloat as it erases their debts for the foreseeable future. 

The federal stimulus package likely to be signed by President Biden this week will erase the majority of San Francisco’s projected $650 million budget deficit over the next two years,

  • Pelosi’s San Francisco wasn’t the only entity rewarded in the COVID Stimulus bill, Senator Chuck Shumer’s New York State was also bailed out in the bill:

The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package passed by the US Senate wipes out New York State’s projected budget deficit — possibly negating the need for hefty tax hikes or spending cuts, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office said Monday. 


Stimulus, Vaccinations To Drive Economic Surge In 2021, Report Shows 

  • The OECD report added that faster vaccinations can potentially raise U.S. GDP by over 3% since vaccinations allow economic activity to return to pre-pandemic levels.  
  • While the number reflects a positive outlook, the OECD warned that signs of inflation have started to emerge.
  • Inflation eventually occurs after the government injects enough stimulus that exceeds revenues, according to Barrons.


Friends Again? US, China To Hold Top-Level “Reset” Meeting In Alaska

  •  Biden has promised the American people that he would retain President Trump’s skeptical posture toward Beijing, which is widely regarded as America’s biggest geopolitical foe.
  •  REmember the  globalist “experts” who claimed the trade war would suppress economic growth and ultimately harm American industry), well the opposite happened. 
  •  .
  •  China,   would seek a “reset” in relations with Washington.
  •  the two countries are preparing to hold the first round of in-person high-level talks.


A new @Rasmussen_Poll found that 50% of Americans question President Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness.

To be blunt….

Georgia Bill Restricting Absentee Voting, Strengthening ID Requirements Passes State Senate 

  • Georgia’s Republican state Senate passed an election bill   that would restrict absentee voting and implement other expansive changes to its elections.
  • The bill now heads back to the state House, where it is expected to pass before heading to Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk 
  • To vote absentee under the new bill, Georgians would need to be at least 65, away from their home precinct, observing a religious holiday or a permanent caregiver. It also enforces strict voter ID measures, with identification required to both obtain an absentee ballot and return it.


Is Eric Swalwell The Answer To Trump’s Prayers?

  • Swalwell’s 64-page complaint against Trump — along with son Donald Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) — alleges nine counts for relief, from negligent emotional distress suffered by Swalwell to negligence in the “incitement to riot.” 
  •  his lawsuit will force a court to determine if the defendants’ speeches were protected political speech. As if to guarantee failure, Swalwell picked the very tort — emotional distress — that was previously rejected by the Supreme Court. I
  • Second, Swalwell must show that Trump was the factual and legal cause of his claimed injuries. Swalwell and others have expressly argued that, if not for Trump, the riot would not have occurred. But a trial will allow the defense to offer “superseding intervening forces” on that question — acts of others that may have caused or contributed to the breaching of the Capitol. former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified that he asked for National Guard support but was refused six times; one key official, Sund said, did not like “the optics” of troops guarding Congress. Delays at both the Capitol and the Pentagon allegedly left the Capitol woefully understaffed. And Trump has been quoted by former Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller as warning him the day before the riot that “You do what you need to do. You do what you need to do. You’re going to need 10,000 (troops).”
  • Finally, Swalwell’s complaint accuses Trump of reckless rhetoric — but Swalwell could find himself on the witness stand having to answer for his own rhetoric. Those comments include his mocking of threats against Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). Swalwell, who now claims severe emotional trauma from the Capitol riot, dismissively tweeted “Boo hoo hoo” when angry protesters surrounded Collins’s home in 2018. 


AZ Border Agent: Illegal Immigration Has ‘Already Surpassed’ 2018, on Track to Top Past 3 Years Combined 

  • John Modlin, the interim chief patrol agent for the Border Patrol’s Tuscon Sector, suggested that illegal border crossings in his area are on the rise
  • “So right now we’re about a hundred percent over where we were this time this last fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed — in the first four months of this fiscal year we’ve already surpassed all of 2018. If the flow continues at the rate it is here, by the end of this fiscal year, we will have surpassed ‘18, ‘19 and ‘20 all combined,”
  • The Biden administration abolished the Trump administration’s “remain in Mexico” policy, which forced migrants to stay in Mexico while waiting for legal proceedings.


Record 3,200 migrant children stuck in Border Patrol custody, with nearly half held past legal limit

Florida Attorney General Suing Biden Administration Over Immigration Policies 

  • Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced   she is suing the Biden Administration over its “reckless” immigration policies.
  • “As Attorney General, my job is to protect Floridians. Every day I work tirelessly to make Florida stronger and safer,” Moody said in a press release. “
  • “The Biden administration’s reckless policy of refusing to do their jobs and deport criminals, places all those gains and Floridians’ public safety at risk,” she continued. “Until President Biden’s inauguration, presidents of both parties detained and deported criminals. This is a radical shift that places Floridians and our law enforcement officers in greater danger, and that is why I filed [this] suit.”


Geopolitical/Police State

Twitter Sues Texas Attorney General After He Opens Investigation on the Tech Giants’ Alleged Collusion to Take Down and Eliminate Competitor Parler

  • On January 7, 2021, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Shopify all deleted and banned President Donald Trump following the January 6 rioting that was planned for weeks prior to the protest at the US Capitol.
  • Obviously, the tech giants have been colluding on some level for a long time in censoring and banning conservative voices.
  • On January 13, 2021, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton opened an investigation on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Web Services, and Apple, asking the companies for their policies and practices regarding content moderation and, more specifically, for information related to Parler, a social media application recently terminated or blocked by Google, Amazon, and Apple.
  • This was after the tech giants colluded to take down social media platform Parler. Conservatives flocked to Parler after President Trump was banned from the far-left tyrannical platforms so the tech gods had it shut down.
  • Since that time Twitter has removed hundreds, if not thousands,
  • Now Twitter is suing the Texas AG. T
  • The Associated Press reported:

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, claiming the Republican used his office to retaliate against it for banning the account of former President Donald Trump following the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“Paxton made clear that he will use the full weight of his office, including his expansive investigatory powers, to retaliate against Twitter


Developing: Macomb County Prosecutor Says Criminal Charges Against Governor Whitmer Possible Over Nursing Home Deaths 

  • Back in June 2020 the Michigan state nursing home leaders recommended in a letter to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration that empty facilities should be used as quarantine centers to “avoid widespread infection.”
  • But Whitmer declined the suggestion and sent the sick COVID patients to the nursing homes.

The Whitmer administration even made it their policy to force sick COVID patients back to the nursing homes where they could do the most damage. 

  • Now 
    Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido says Governor Whitmer could face criminal charges for moving the patients back to nursing homes.
  • WXYZ reported:


Cuomo ordered group homes for disabled to accept COVID-19 patients. At least 552 have died. 

  • The April 10 executive order,  directed residential group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to accept positive COVID-19 patients released by hospitals, just like the executive order for nursing homes. Cuomo’s nursing home order was eventually rescinded, but the order relating to homes for people with disabilities remains in effect. The results were tragic.
  • According to a study published in Disability and Health Journal in June and cited by McFadden Maffucci, New Yorkers with disabilities living in residential group homes were more than twice as likely to have severe outcomes and deaths from COVID-19.  
  •   552 residents at homes for people with disabilities have died of COVID-19, according to the New York Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.


BARR: America’s ‘Freedom’ Rating Slips Significantly

  • The CATO institute in Washington, DC recently published its annual Human Freedom Index, according to which the United States dropped nine points, and now qualifies as only the 17th freest country among 162 nations ranked. 
  • CATO’s analysts consider a dozen indices of freedom in arriving at their conclusions, including the following:
  • The Rule of Law
  • Security and safety of citizens
  • The degree to which citizens are free to associate and assemble
  • Freedom of movement in the country
  • The size of the government
  • Property rights and a robust legal system
  • Access to sound money


In 8-1 Ruling, Roberts Sides Against Christian Students Whose Free Speech Was Trampled 

  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a former student at a public Georgia college who sued for “nominal damages” after he was stopped from speaking.
  • The Court ruled 8-1 that nominal damages claims are enough to establish standing to sue for a constitutional violation.
  • Chief Justice John Roberts was the only dissenter in the ruling favoring a couple of Christian students who challenged their university for restricting when, where, and how they could speak about their faith and disseminate materials on campus.


Report: US Preparing Cyberattack Against Russia Over SolarWinds Hack

  • The US formally attributed blame to Russia for the SolarWinds hack in January. The FBI, NSA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Office of the DNI released a statement that said the hack was “likely Russian in origin.” Missing from the statement was any evidence for the accusation.
  • The reality is, attributing cyberactivity is difficult as hackers have methods to conceal their identity. One reason US officials and media outlets say it could have been Russia is the sophistication of the hack. But testimony from SolarWinds’ former CEO and a cybersecurity expert made it clear that anybody could have accessed SolarWinds’ servers due to a major security lapse.
  • According to a report from The New York Times, the Biden administration is planning cyberattacks against Russia in the coming weeks. The cyber offensive could come with new sanctions and would mark a serious escalation towards Moscow from the new administration.
  • Anonymous US officials told the Times that the first “major move” is expected to happen over the next three weeks. It will consist of a “series of clandestine actions across Russian networks that are intended to be evident to President Vladimir V. Putin and his intelligence services and military but not to the wider world.”
  • The officials said the cyberattack will come along with new economic sanctions on Russia. 


C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1
Prepare for zero-day [massive cyber-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4.

RED1: POTUS twitter removal
RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US]
RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control.
RED6: SEC OF DEF _instruct1

Task Force Calls for Permanent National Guard Force to Protect DC 

  • A QRF is a standard military security element meant to provide swift reinforcements.
  • “This could be done by mobilizing military police from Guard elements across the U.S. on rotations of three to six months,” the task force’s report states. “Another option would be to create a QRF that permanently resides within the D.C. Guard by reestablishing a military police battalion and staffing it with active Guard reserve troops who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty.”
  • Under the current law, the president would have to declare a constant state of emergency 
  •   the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard shall retain ’emergency authority’ … in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected ‘civil disturbances’ when necessary ‘to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore governmental function and proper order,’” the report states.


Biden’s German Shepherds Shipped Back to Delaware After ‘Biting Incident’ Involving White House Security

  • Joe and Jill Biden’s German Shepherds were shipped back to Delaware after a “biting incident” involving White House security, CNN
  • Major and Champ moved into the White House in January and they’re already gone.


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