The “true” vote count that Sidney Powell revealed (410-128) may be real or it may not. It may have been a message: “We have the count.” Consider, if Trump’s 2018 E.O. on Foreign Election interference was enacted properly, then they really do have the count. The can also seize the property of everyone involved, including financial partners!

Did Trump let known insurgents steal one of the most significant elections in the US, while the world looked on? If they did, then the insurgents literally don’t know what to do! @ThomasWic created the perfect mind-picture for this scenario. The Democratic dog caught the car it was chasing!

If this is true, Trump had the lead-hand and gave it back to his enemy. He is now forcing them to lead. They don’t really want to because they don’t know what the responses will be. Why are the insurgents scared? Because they have no plan. Why is there a wall around Washington? Because they don’t know HOW Trump is going to respond.

The insurgents got lazy and just slandered Trump’s initiatives for 4 years and they ere gearing up to do it again. Trump trained them to respond to his lead. Nothing has changed, as far as I can tell.

Trump may have created a battlefield where his responses have become more powerful than the lead move. Trump’s enemy is now so focused on his (potential) responses that they don’t know what move to make. I feel like I am watching a magnificent game of chess. Insurgents remain in total darkness, which is why there is no sign of legitimate leadership. Consider also that the insurgents are in a foreign land, hich is very dangerous. It is very difficult to categorically win a war inside foreign territory.

As the enemy fight among themselves, they expose themselves. In my opinion, the insurgents didn’t expect to be given this last ditch opportunity to seize power. Recall that HRC asked Biden not to concede. This means she knew Biden was going to lose! Had the enemy planned the big battle for January? Was this why they tried to force things on January 6th? This entire crazy pantomime we are living through began at about this time.

I speculate that Trump is now implementing his timing. His created time-lag is preparing the stage for the US Mil. They are mapping everything, as the flight paths are suggesting. The political pantomime is working wonders to avoid a civil war, as all sides of the political aisle begin to realize the nature of this vast insurgency. It is a fair assumption that very few people in the US have lived through a counter-insurgency, which may explain the extent of confusion. The insurgents’ propaganda arm must also be exposed before it can be removed. This is the MSM.