Monkey Werx sky watcher says if Hillary was removed from her home to Florida and on to Gitmo as some have been saying, she was NOT carried on a military transport. Period.

“Based on the National Defense Act, you cannot transport prisoners on military assets. If anybody tries to tell you a story about for example, Hillary being arrested and that she was flown from West Palm beach into Guantanamo Bay on an H-53C Stallion, it’s all rubbish, because based on the National Defense Act, they cannot fly on military assets any prisoners to and from Guantanamo Bay. It’s been that way for a couple of years, so if you want to flush out a story quickly, as soon as they start telling you it’s a military aircraft taking someone to Guantanamo Bay, it is rubbish.”

However, keep in mind that air transport companies contracted by our government to fly supplies and troops can also be used to transport prisoners. So, there’s that.

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