But do the pieces fit?

More… from a commenter at BardsFM Official Family Room chat:

Susan C: “Lets recall, Swift Paws, that he trusted a pirhana named Pence to do the right thing. Pence Hates him and has been part of the deep state to get rid of him. He is one of the pedos.. a gay-pretending-to-be-straight -and -holier -than -Christ with the REAL Karen holding up the facade. Believe me: HOOSIERS KNOW THAT CREEP.”

Stella V: “A friend of mine fro IN posted this in our group, found it fitting to go with what you said:
Dominion only entered Indiana in 2017, it isn’t Dominion that is the problem…

Through research we discovered that ALL ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEMS are designed by a small group of individuals which includes INDIANA, then they approved the Company’s that follow those Specifications. They design, test the hardware and software, inspect them to make sure they are following the rules that BALL STATE VSTOP (and said small group) actually designed to begin with… then
The State’s Election Commission and Secretary Of State ACCEPTS AND SIGNS OFF FOR CERTIFICATION only after they have been given the “go – ahead” by BALL STATE VSTOP.

Basically, Dominion, ES&S, HART CIVIC, SCYTLE…
ALL OF THEM WORK AS DESIGNED by the small group at top.

I have researched, not throughout media, but through the corporations and government’s own websites specifically for INDIANA.

WHO Designed Electronic Voting Specifications in the first place?

WHO paid for the grants and Research Development to come up with Specifications? A cool $5 Million at one point

WHO took advantage of those Specifications after implementation?

WHO in ANY level Government position did or would be willing to accept a deal to look the other way or participate with Corporations (lobbyist) to abuse their position against the will of the people?

WHO paid for them to get or maintain their newly corrupted position in Government (campaign donations, bonuses, promotions)

WHO facilitated the deals? Lobbyists of course.

WHO is Prostituting Indiana and several other states out to Global entities? Governor and Big Pharma (did I mention every congressman partakes in such “donations”)

What does Indiana offer?
One of the top 3 in GMO (farming) biotechnology, Gene Modification/DNA, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Research, Development & manufacturing…

I am not saying they are all bad, I will say MANY HAVE TAKEN A DARK TURN in your face. THEY ALL NEED HUMAN TEST SUBJECTS.

And, yea Indiana has one of the largest cave systems along with Kentucky. They use some of it for “data storage”

Look, Pence was put in charge of Operation Warp Speed. And he ran to Indiana as fast as he could, either because he was set up or just pompous (previous radio show host, may lead some to the latter)

WHO was behind Governor Holcomb pushing Covid Fear and Unconstitutional Mandates? Big Pharma.

WHO needs HUMAN TEST SUBJECTS for these biomedical experiments? Big Pharma.

WHO is Chyna Friendly? Governor Holcomb, and the one who ushered that relationship with Chyna to begin with, Governor Pence, who also groomed Holcomb for his roles within Government.

Remember the guy asking Obama about Manufacturing Plants shutting down and he was from Indiana, when Obama famously said you would need a magic wand? Remember THAT manufacturer was the first one Trump Brought Back.

The Indiana Group for ToreSays has a pretty good view… (that is my summary so far)

What is Frustrating is when you can’t get the information in front of the right people.


Pence was at the start of everything I listed out above, he groomed Holcomb

Indiana is at the Heart of the most Inhumane Political Corruption.