From GhostEzra at TELEGRAM:

This is Trump folks.

Operation Warp Speed = Military Operation for the 1 billionth time.

Vaccines = arrrests. Learn the language, it could be a matter of life and death. Just say no to the jab.

My first take on the interview is that it didn’t sound like Trump. For conversation sake, let’s assume it was. Would you lay on train tracks if someone told you to? It’s why we are in this whole predicament to begin with. People need to do their own research on any vaccine. I’ve said it. Lin Wood has said it. I’ll continue to say it always. If the syringe was filled with pink lemonade I’d personally not get it. You have to decide on your own. For me it’s a no brainer not to get it. Not sure why it’s even a conversation. It’s a damn flu folks.

And while we’re with GhostEzra, here’s what he’s posted this evening. Hmmm….