From Marjorie Taylor Greene’s TELEGRAM Channel:

“Floor procedure is far more important and effective than wasting time, powerless in the minority, on committee assignments.

Here’s why..

Yesterday, I called for a recorded vote on Jerry Nadler’s bill that never went through Judiciary Com even though it was referred.

HR 1652 has no text on the Congressional website, never went through committee, and will cost American taxpayers $7.5 billion.

By the way, Nadler is chairman of the committee this bill skipped and went strait to the floor for a voice vote.

If I had not been present in the chamber, and stood to request a roll call, this bill would have passed with roughly only 12 members (R and D) simply saying “yay.”

By my action on the floor, all 435 members of Congress now have to vote on record for the bill in order for it to either pass or fail.

People, on both sides of the aisle, should be outraged that Congress can spend billions with only a handful of members present and saying “yay.”

Both parties do this and ironically it was a R member who argued with me not to call recorded votes so that bills would easily pass and members could avoid “embarrassment” of their vote not being on record to their voters.

I was told “this is how freshman get a bill passed and that helps them when it’s time for re-election. And this is how you become an effective member of Congress.”

I fully disagree that sneaking bills into passage in the dark with a tiny fraction of Congress only saying “yay” is being an effective member of Congress.

I call that mind numbing behavior being an effective member of the swamp which has disgustingly enslaved Americans in $30 trillion of debt and has eroded our freedoms.

So, I won’t be taking the forcefully given advice on how to join the swamp and to stop calling for recorded votes and using other rules on the floor.

Being kicked off committee assignments by Dems (+11 foolish Republicans) has allowed me to learn and use the rules that hold Congress accountable.

Right now, working very hard on the Committee of the Whole, holding Congress accountable and forcing transparency, during this radical Dem controlled Congress, is far more important to the people than any powerless committee assignment.

For me, it’s people over politicians, and the people deserve to see the truth.”

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