Here is the entire first episode from HBO “Q Into the Storm” (thanks to MelQ on TELEGRAM)

Regardless of how HBO presented this, (“The blatant lies make my BP spike up and I have to avoid them as much as possible”) it will introduce and expose Q to millions of people who will start researching Q, causing many more to wake up. What folks are saying…

“I watched first episode. I saw it as a red pill that may get those in the dark to perhaps do some research about Q and once they do that, they may fall down the rabbit hole that I did and never turn back. 🙏🏼”

“It’s a good first look, a lot of information not correct, but hopefully it will get people to look. Most people think it’s just a crazy movement, probably had no idea it was in 8 Chan”

“Yes, I get it too. Need to wake the masses. Hope they do some deep dive research. My daughter got me on the Q trail over a year ago too. DJT is still my President!”

“Why would a liberal movie channel put on a series about Q….
Makes no sense!
Put doubts on Q or the Q HBO is portraying.
I’m not on board with this one.”

“Not a hit piece IMO. Massive red pill”

“Well, at least it promotes people to wake up, question, research! They providing free advertisement, albeit not accurate and misleading.”


Here is a shareable browser link —>