I’m showing you how Q’s anons dig, researching what the FAKE NEWS doesn’t do, will not do, hides from you.

Thank you GOD for the bloodhound anons!

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Today’s update:

Re: Suez canal…….
This person on Telegram had an interesting take:

“If I may interject. As an IT professional, I noticed a few things about the whole thing that got me thinking.
If you look at the pattern drawn by the ship before entering the canal, take note that the ship was on a straight course before drawing the vulgarity. This would mean the ship was not planning on drawing anything. Just going into the canal to do the exact same that they always did. And using a canal is symbolic of a birthing canal. Things are about to happen worldwide. The birthing of the information coming from this mess will be the beginning of the end of the deep state.

Those ships are on auto pilot most of the time. The computers do the work. I am suggesting that the ships computers were hacked. My suspicions lean toward the White Hats. This was part of the plan.

The ship had left c[h]yna days before. Heading for the Netherlands. So, its cargo was updated from babies and children (for 4dr3n41chr0m3) to teenagers and young adults (for s3x trade). The children cannot testify as to where they have been and what they have been through. The teenagers and young adults can tell what they have been through.

Once the ship went back on course, I am guessing the Captain and the driver decided that the hack was gone, and they had full control again. Looking at the Suez on maps, they went aground in one of the most narrow spots of the canal. The White Hat hackers waited till the ship was there, then took control again and ran it aground at full speed. The ships Captain said there was a blackout. That means the ships systems must have went dead. Our Space Force has blacked out entire countries recently. They were hacked during reboot of the ships systems. A vulnerable time for computers that have a virus, where the virus allows the hacker to take control.

The phallus and but, drawn by the first hack, were communications letting the crew and the Deep State know that they are f00k3d. The fallout from unloading the crates in order to get the ship fixed and out of the canal will be huge.

And let’s look at the fact that the Soviet Navy vessels are on one side and the US Navy vessels on the side the ship came from. White Hats are in control. They planned this. The ship cannot escape. Their crimes will be televised.
My take on the whole thing.”

“Let’s do a dig and see if Rotterdam has more of these trafficking warehouses. I know we even have some folks from the Netherlands following our channel. Put your research in the comments.” — MelQ

Dutch authorities find 25 migrants in refrigerated container on UK-bound ferry — 19.11.2019


The Dutch are fighting
child trafficking

Shards of glass and dark rituals

The coverage is from BBC, so discernment required. If you are familiar with how the mainstream covers such stories, you should be able to weed your way through this one..

US Navy Heads To Suez Canal To “Assess” Stuck Container Ship After Failed Refloating Attempts
“US Navy expects to send assessment team of dredging experts to Suez Canal as soon as Saturday…”

Here comes the Navy!


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