Hats off to Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse for his detailed retrospective of the filth and corruption that permeates DC. President Trump Asks a Question 

His treatise alone merits your time and attention.

And what I find equally if not more fascinating a read are the comments penned by Sundance’s readers. Here’s but one example of some very thoughtful and thought-provoking observations by Americans obviously well and good FED UP with what they see wrong with our government and fully half of the Americans who live beside us. Their suggested solutions vary from disgusted frustration to guillotine.


Peter Stzrok appears to have been a C_A officer implanted at FBI for decades. https://brassballs.blog/home/strzok-worked-for-cia-and-fbi-at-the-same-time-in-counterespionage. My speculation is that Bruce and Nellie Our were similarly in service to Langley – Bruce at FBI overseeing all investigations of foreign drug smuggling, etc., and Nellie as a CIA contractor/researcher (who also happened to be an academic Marxist) – and both recruited into this C_A-led operation to get HRC elected, and create an insurance policy to protect the Deep State in the event she lost. See also Patrick Byrne’s incredible tale about serving as an FBI CI to help sting HRC as she accepted a $10M+ bribe from a foreign power in exchange for promises of actions from her future administration, only to learn that she would NOT be indicted, instead the evidence would be locked away and used by Obama to control her during her administration, and “they” could make him a billionaire if he just played along (but Stzrok’s wife at SEC came after him when he did not), implication it was Stzrok who showed up, newly in charge of the sting operation, to repurpose it into another lever for the Deep State to wield in control of our government. (See his blog Deep Capture). See also Sy Hersh’s recorded rant claiming sources within FBI naming Brennan covering up that Seth Rich had leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks and behind everything else.

So what is lacking in your righteous damning of all those lackeys at DOJ and Congress who aren’t doing their job is the likely reality that they were and are all subject to the same Deep State carrot and stick technique that was shown to Byrne: help us and be rewarded with wealth and power, obstruct us and be damned by the government and humiliated by the Mockingbird press, with all the power and secrecy of our top intelligence agency, aided by its plants in key positions at FBI, DOJ, and every other important government agency and contracting organization. These agencies have a “top secret national security” trump card that they lay on anyone in power who they need to comply.

This amounts to an unaccountable power in DC that is able to manipulate the entire government and much of academia and industry. Unfortunately, they appear to have made common cause with the CCP, the World Economic Forum, the UN and WHO. The coup appears almost complete.

I see Durham or his lead investigator with magnifying glass looking under a rock in the WH yard.