Discovered this post on PATRIOT TRUMP PATRIOT NEWS & INTEL CHANNEL on TELEGRAM, and it has a ring of TRUTH to it based on everything I’ve read and heard from many different credible sources, including Gen. Tom McInerney, Mary Fanning, George Webb, and several others. Read it and see if you agree.


China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile Launched from Ship Container : China is building a long-range cruise missile fired from a ship…

This is one of several reasons why things are taking longer than what we want them to.

The Chinese have strategically placed what are called Club-K Container Missile Systems across America. These systems can be triggered from anywhere in the world via satellite to a specific target.

The chatter previously indicated these missiles could be intended to take out power grids across our nation and even to hit Nuclear plants. The previous chatter has indicated that these Club-K Container Missile Systems are sitting on ships that are just outside the United States ports on the west coast and the east coast so that they don’t have to go through port inspections. Over the last several weeks, the US military has been running special operation via air missions to detect and remove these threats. (NOTE: that ties in with the constant aircraft surveillance on the east coast that Monkeywerx has been reporting.)

Did a little digging on weapons disguised as shipping containers.

China developed the YJ-18C cruise missile that is disguised as a shipping container.

It is a copy of the Russian 3M-54 Club-K Container Missile System. The Club-K is a Russian cruise missile launching system that looks identical to a standard commercial intermodal shipping container.

The Club-K launches Russian Kalibr cruise missiles that can deliver nuclear, EMP, chemical, biological, and conventional payloads. China and Iran may also have acquired some of these.

Shady Biden Port Deals Placed US At Risk From Russian, Chinese Club-K Container Missiles:

Here is a video that explains how they work.

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