What most people who don’t like Donald Trump or who did not vote for him don’t understand is that this has never been about Donald Trump or a four-year election.

This is about replacing a corrupt Washington establishment, with a NEW government that’s controlled by “WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”

This is about taking the power from the corrupt Washington establishment and giving the power back to “WE THE PEOPLE”.

This is about replacing the broken, corrupt and bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION (Act of 1871) with a fresh new re-established sovereign Republic according to the original Constitution of our nation written by our founding fathers.

And this is about replacing the corrupt fiat central bank money system (Paper Money) with a sovereign Financial system that is backed by sound money (The Gold Standard). The last two men who attempted to take us back to the Gold Standard were assassinated for doing so, (President Abraham Lincoln) and (President John F Kennedy).

And even though it may appear as if our nation is crumbling right before our eyes and even if it may appear that negative things are happening in our nation by Joe Biden (the actor who is playing the role of President in the movie we are watching “Panic in DC”), there are a lot of positive changes going on in our nation behind the scenes that are going to be both epic and Biblical.

Many people do not see it, realize it, or understand it, but we are waking “many” people up daily with truth so that they will be prepared and ready for what is about to come!

10 truths to ponder regarding God and our nation …

1. We are witnessing the rebuilding of a brand new fresh republic, just as it was intended by our founding fathers according to the United States Constitution.

2. We are witnessing our nation being removed from the corrupt and bankrupt United States as a corporation (The Act of 1871).

3. We are witnessing our nation being removed from the corrupt fiat central bank money system (paper money).

4. We are witnessing our nation moving to asset backed currency (Gold Standard).

5. We are witnessing corruption being exposed at levels never seen before.

6. We are witnessing a record number of child sex traffickers being arrested and removed from society.

7. We are witnessing a record number of children being saved from child sex trafficking.

8. We are witnessing our nation returning to God more than any other time in the history of our nation.

9. We are witnessing a record number of people coming to God and accepting His Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

10. We are witnessing God moving in many mighty ways and in many areas of our nation and in the hearts of many people in this nation.

Don’t ever think that things are not happening according to God’s will, God’s plan, and God’s time just because “you” can’t see or because “you” don’t believe it or because it is not happening the way “you” think it should happen or fast enough for “you”.

It is such a great time to be alive to witness God working on our behalf in the world for such a time as this.

Biblical, 1776, Revolution, Great Awaking, Great Revival

We Are Saving America!
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