Posted by Pepe Deluxe at TELEGRAM:

Thank you Lord for humor and memes…only you can help a person who has seen the darkest of things; to laugh when such an evil exists

Not only does it exist
It mocks us too and thinks we are too stupid to ever figure it out
And yes they hurt children too

Plans so sinister when I tell you
You still don’t believe
You still believe the Main Stream News
Everything is connected to this that we’ve been going through

You only know what they did on top of Epstein Island

Wait til you hear what they did below

If half what I saw is true
And half of what I’ve read
Traffickers posing as missionaries
Organizations trafficking children to (Foster Parents)


I mean; why does Ghislaine Maxwell have a submarine license?

How do the Biden’s own Water Island next door?

I’m not even gonna talk about websites tracked to Wuhan for things I never knew existed


I pray for the Patriots holding the line

I pray what we have done has avoided a civil war

Let’s see what happens

John Durham! It’s time

We’ve done what was asked of us to do

Now do your part

General Mike Flynn: “I believe what we are going to learn is that much of this stuff was a set-up…” 👀

Interview from March 20th.