Today’s key word on War Room Pandemic was Bellingcat. Is that a type of feline? No, not even close.

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, explained to Steve Bannon’s audience why the CIA loves Bellingcat. The shadowy intel carve-out for the UK and US was behind bogus narratives in Syria and Russia, but now has turned it’s dirty work against Americans.

The kicker: Bellingcat, which is targeting patriotic Americans, is funded by taxpayers.

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What we are witnessing, in effect, is a foreign counterintelligence operation turned inward and aimed directly at the American people. “Counterintelligence” concerns insider threats to the operational integrity of US military-intelligence organizations and missions. As originally designed, American counter-intelligence is meant to prevent the American security apparatus from being infiltrated by hostile foreign actors.

What we are seeing now, however, is something quite different — a deliberate effort to cleanse our entire security apparatus of patriots — perhaps as preparation for a full scale effort to cleanse the entire country of American patriots, or anyone, for that matter, who objects to the open air prison that the Globalist American Empire has become.

Traditional counter-intelligence techniques, strategies, and mindsets are being re-purposed domestically, in order to cleanse the entire U.S. national security apparatus, including the DOD, of latent political sympathies.

Today, the top target of this Counter-American Intelligence operation is President Trump’s MAGA movement.

Adding insult to injury, the U.S. national security state’s pretext for launching this operation was itself based on the wild-eyed conspiracy theory that thousands of Trump supporters in military and law enforcement are training in state-sanctioned violence by day, then secretly moonlighting as vigilante militiamen plotting government overthrow by night. They’re forming networks, the theory goes, and now it’s the nation’s top national security threat. [Revolver News]


And finally, this chiller…