Full Mike Lindell guest shot on Kimmel last night.

“I understand Kimmel is a crooked deepstate puppet…. but nearly a million liberals heard Lindell talk about China, Foreign Interference, Election Theft, Dominion, Absolute Proof, Arizona Audit, Mikes Life-Changing Experience of Salvation, Border Crisis, Trump Made in USA Policy, MyPillow Lawsuit, etc.

It was a huge score regardless of the hits Mike took. He definitely planted seeds, which will also set the stage for Arizona. Looking at it from a nonpartisan standpoint, I’d say it was an overall success. Mike is risking it all and taking thousands of arrows for us. It all started when he first met with Trump in 2016. Now he’s playing a role. MyPillow is being sued and laughed at on fake news media outlets. He sacrificed his normal life to be a voice of truth. Trump didn’t send us Mike Lindell. God did. Pray for him and his family.”