You know, every day and sometimes more than once, I throw up my hands and beg God and Trump and the Team of Patriots to do something soon, because I am so fed up with the ignorant and the gullible and the prideful whose egos blind them into swallowing the lying crap the CIA-controlled media feeds them.


I won’t go into a litany of all we are faced with that THEY simply ignore or refute because… Rachel Maddow and Meeeka and their CIA mockingbird assets.

I selfishly look forward to the day when all those prideful mask-wearing, vaccine-taking numbskulls who are delighted that Trump is done (heh…), find out otherwise, when it dawns on them of the truth that so many Americans already know. They ARE a silly people.

Please, Jesus. A sincere prayer from me to you. Make it soon. Please. Make it SOON. I’m on my last nerve.